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3 Reasons Why PR Professionals Need to Adopt New Technologies

Ben Chodor of Intrado Digital Media President Ben Chodor shares his insight.

This article originally appeared on CommPro.biz.

By Ben Chodor, President of Intrado Digital Media

The PR industry is under increasing pressure to innovate, evolve and make better use of data to prove its value.

As Gartner’s most recent CMO Spend Survey explains: “CMOs must appease the often-skeptical Chief Financial Officer’s (CFO’s) expectations for return on investment (ROI) to justify future budgetary commitments.”

Unfortunately, PR has historically relied on soft metrics like impressions and struggled to provide KPIs that line up with marketing expectations and prove a campaign’s impact on business objectives. Traditional PR trackers don’t paint a full picture of all efforts. Newer technologies are needed to demonstrate the significance of PR impact.

There are three primary reasons why PR needs to embrace new technology to thrive and innovate.

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