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New Report on Creating Successful Global Benefits and Total Rewards

Benify Sponsored a Harvard Business Review report.

Benify is excited to announce the release of our sponsored Harvard Business Review Analytic Services report: "Boost Competitiveness by Leveraging Global Benefits and Total Rewards." 

Based on a survey of 214 global leaders, the report dives into how organizations worldwide use benefits packages to attract top talent, meet their organizational goals, and stay ahead of the competition. 

"We're proud to release this sponsored Harvard Business Review Analytic Services report, which we hope will help companies around the globe develop benefits strategies that work for both them and their employees," says Ylva Eriksson, Director of Marketing and Communication at Benify 

The report features expert insights from global benefits and total rewards professionals, alongside cutting-edge data that reveal the state of employee benefits in today’s competitive market.  

The survey found that one-third of employees believe their organization does not offer competitive benefits, highlighting the significance of this report, as companies must address this gap to remain competitive. As Mark Kelly, Global Head of Benefits and Well-Being at BCG, puts it in the report, "You can’t just roll out one-size-fits-all programs across the globe." 

Key Findings from the Report: 

  • 87% of leaders think employee expectations are higher than ever. 

  • 45% of companies find it difficult to meet employee expectations with their current benefits packages. 

  • 33% of HR leaders don't believe their organization offers competitive benefits. 

The report also outlines several strategies designed to help companies streamline processes, harness technology, and tailor benefits to boost engagement, 

Read the report to unlock the latest data and exclusive insights from leading compensation and benefits professionals.  

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Ylva Eriksson
Director of Marketing & Communications
Ylva Eriksson