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SmiLe company Pharmista accepted to the BII Venture Lab program

Pharmista teamPharmista, from left: Odd Stang-Lund Sanne – Business developer, Alice Mattsson – CEO, Radvile Zubryte – CSO, Börje Sellergren – Scientific Advisor. Photo: Esben Zøllner, BII.

Technologies, a participant in SmiLe's incubator program, has now also been accepted to the Venture Lab program at BioInnovation Institute (BII) in Copenhagen. This one-year program supports early-stage companies in business development, scientific advancement, and team development. Membership also includes financial support in terms of a convertible loan of 500,000 euros.


Focusing on women's health and sustainability, Pharmista is developing a reusable pregnancy test for home use. The company's goal is to have a prototype ready by the end of the program that can be reused at least ten times with high accuracy.  


BioInnovation Institute (BII) is a non-profit foundation financed primarily by the Novo Nordisk Foundation. Through its Venture Lab program they welcome companies within planetary health, health tech, therapeutics and women’s health. After completing the program, companies can apply to BII's Venture House program and receive an additional 1.3 million euros in funding. 


"Being part of Venture Lab means that we will have access to BII's mentorship program and their Women's Health initiative, their facilities in Copenhagen, and their extensive network. In addition, we finally have the funding to accelerate the development of our technology and product. We are very excited about what this year has to offer," says Alice Mattsson, CEO of Pharmista Technologies. 


"Pharmista Technologies is developing an exciting new solution within the women’s health space, and we are thrilled to support them through our Venture Lab program. Besides having a commercially interesting and impactful case, they also have a great team which is fundamental when you are an early-stage startup,” says Johanna Roostalu, Director of Women’s Health at BioInnovation Institute.  


"We are very happy and proud that one of our incubator companies has been selected to participate in BII's Venture Lab program. Our task is to support our companies in every way possible to help them succeed. It is very positive that Alice Mattsson now gets access to an expanded network and an opportunity to further develop the product and the company," says Ulrika Ringdahl, COO of SmiLe Incubator. 




For more information, please contact:  

Ulrika Ringdahl, COO at
SmiLe, +46 (0)736-566232, ulrika.ringdahl@smileincubator.life




Alice Mattsson, CEO of Pharmista Technologies, +46 (0)707-996113, alice@pharmista.se 

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