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14 January 2022

Mundus Nordic Green News

Yara and Lantmännen sign first commercial agreement for fossil free fertilizers

Norway’s Yara and Lantmännen, a Swedish agricultural cooperative, have signed a commercial agreement to bring fossil-free fertilizers to market. Instead of using natural gas as a feedstock, Yara will produce ammonia with renewable energy, from Norwegian hydropower, resulting in fertiliser with an 80-90% lower carbon footprint. In a press release, Svein Tore Holsether, President & CEO of Yara said “Our partnership with Lantmännen to bring green fertilizers to market is crucial for decarbonizing the food value chain. We have to transform the food system to deliver on the Paris Agreement, and this will require collaboration across the entire food chain instead of working in silos. The Yara-Lantmännen partnership is a concrete example of how this can be done.”

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Denmark’s Nationalbank prepares for green government bond issue

On 19 January, Denmark’s Nationalbank will issue green Danish government bonds for the first time. The goal is to sell green bonds for up to DKK 15 billion during 2022. The proceeds will be used to develop a financial market for the green transition in Denmark and will contribute to financing the green transition of the transport sector and production of renewable energy.

NationalBank Statement

Verdane launches €300 million growth impact fund

Verdane, a specialist growth equity investment firm based in Oslo, is raising €300 million for its new fund, Idun, which will invest in technology-enabled companies that contribute to UN Sustainable Development Goals, focusing on energy transition, sustainable consumption, and resilient communities businesses.


Hexicon company gets permission to install demonstration projects in the Celtic Sea

Wind power technology company, Hexicon's subsidiary, Twinhub has received permission to install a demonstration project for floating wind power in the Celtic Sea. The demonstration project will produce 30-40MW using Hexicon's floating platform with twin turbines.

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Statkraft to build an 80 MW wind power project in Brazil

Statkraft is ready to start construction of the Morro do Cruzeiro wind power project in northeastern Brazil, after the company recently signed an agreement on turbine deliveries for the new project with German Nordex.

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Academy of Finland GoverMat project to address the circular economy of raw materials critical to e-mobility

A four-year Finnish GoverMat project, involving VTT, the University of Eastern Finland, Aalto University, the University of Oulu and international partners, will focus on the circular economy of critical raw materials used in e-mobility applications, in particular batteries, battery materials, electronic components and permanent magnets. The project intends to create the holistic understanding needed for the transition to a circular economy through a multidisciplinary approach that combines environmental policy, innovation research, urban research and materials science with its many different branches of research. The project will provide insights into regulations and decisions affecting e-mobility raw material flows, markets, material flow characteristics and future developments, as well as circular economy process concepts aimed at more efficient metal recovery or replacement of critical metals.

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Ecoclime acquires the Swedish electricity product company Miljöbelysning

Ecoclime is expanding and strengthening its position in the market for energy efficiency by acquiring all shares in Täby-based Miljöbelysning Sweden AB, which develops and provides electrical products and software that provide more efficient energy use in the real estate industry that reduces climate impact

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