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Iso Omena is the winner of Best Nordic Shopping Center 2019

Iso Omena (Citycon), vinnare av Best Shopping Center i NCSC Nordic Awards 2019.Iso Omena (Citycon), vinnare av Best Shopping Center i NCSC Nordic Awards 2019.

This year’s NCSC Awards have been announced, and the Finnish shopping center Iso Omena is the winner of Best Nordic Shopping Center 2019. Three other winners were also announced: Best Marketing Campaign - Frölunda Torg (Sweden), Best Retail Concept - Mester Grønn (Norway) and Best Innovation – The Lobby (Sweden).

The winners were announced during the NCSC Nordic Awards 2019 on June 3 at Münchenbryggeriet, Stockholm.

Best Nordic Shopping Center 2019

Winner: Iso Omena, Finland

Jury motivation:
"The winner of this year's Best Nordic Shopping Center is a center that has everything a future-oriented and modern center should have. In times of disruptive retail, the major trends have been taken into account and the offer is adapted to its changing and growing market, where future development is part of the strategy.

The center has a clear ambition to be a metropolitan hub and cross point for meetings, service, retail and entertainment. The center has managed to handle the challenges of a well-connected unit where each part of the concept is given its own clarity. For the visitor, this means accessibility beyond the ordinary, a true meeting place with excellent retail, private and public service and a rich variety of leisure. All visitors can easily find their favorites whether they are looking for daily convenience or relaxing entertainment.

The center is architecturally packed in a modern, functional and coherent structure where the various parts integrate well with each other. In addition to an all-encompassing wide and deep range of retail, the content of service, social functions and entertainment is clear and well-dimensioned. The F&B offering stands out as extensive, modern, diversified and presented in a clear concept.

The marketing is modern and clearly present in all parts of the center. Awareness of sustainability has permeated both the project and beyond in management and operations.

The center has had great success, which is clearly visible in footfall and turnover as well as in strong financial results."

This year's winner is a good example of a future proof ‘all mall’ when it is at its best.”

Jury Best Shopping Center 2019:
Jomar Asbøll, DNB Næringseiendom AS, Norway (Chairman)
Charles Larsson, Retail Ex, Sweden
Anna Bevz, Loikka Works, Finland

Finalists 2019
Finland: Iso Omena (Citycon)
Norway: AMFI Kanebogen (Thon Property)
Sweden: Väla (Skandia Fastigheter)

The jury's judgement is based on evaluation and reviews of the centers according to eleven different criterias: Economy, accessibility, concept, management, marketing, integration in local municipality, environmental work, tenant mix, architecture, innovation and customer survey results.


Best Nordic Marketing Campaign 2019

Winner: Frölunda Torg, Sweden

Jury motivation:
“The campaign is very creative and based on influencer marketing, which is so typical of our time. The blogger is amazingly warm and genuine and does a great job of promoting the concept; ‘everything can be found under the same roof’. A charming and smart way to involve visitors, tenants and services, together with social media, that really promotes the qualities of the center. A truly excellent campaign!”

Finalists 2019:
Finland: Mylly
Norway: Glasmagasinet
Sweden: Frölunda Torg


Best Nordic Retail Concept 2019

Winner: Mester Grønn, Norway

Jury motivation:
“This established company has successfully adapted to the digital era and shows continued growth year by year. The company scores very high in both customer and employee satisfaction surveys and has an impressive sustainability and CSR strategy. The concept fits very well into the tenant mix and commercial plan of almost any shopping center and has proven be a good footfall driver. With 120 stores, the company has outperformed many of its competitors, and is able to compete with low-priced options in the market.”

Finalists 2019:
Finland: Suomalainen Kirjakauppa
Norway: Mester Grønn
Sweden: Suitsupply


Best Nordic Innovation 2019

Winner: The Lobby, Sweden

Jury motivation:
“Innovation comes from focus, discipline and patience. These days, everyone is obsessed with squeezing every ounce of personal productivity and self-improvement out of themselves. That only takes you further away from innovation. It’s the big picture that drives you and that’s also what drives you to come up with unique solutions to tough problems.” 

Finalists 2019:
Finland: Pikkulaiva
Norway: Sartor Storsenter
Sweden: The Lobby


NCSC Awards starts with national competitions in each Nordic country, whose winners then compete against each other in the NCSC Nordic Awards finale. The best Nordic shopping center will receive “the Nordic Star” by MK Illumination and move on to compete in ICSC European Awards 2020. The first Nordic competition was held 2009, and the purpose is to support the development of the industry by recognizing the best, most innovative and creative initiatives in the Nordics.

Read more about the awards, the winners and the other finalists: https://ncscnordic.org/nordic-awards-2019/

About NCSC

Nordic Council of Shopping Centers (NCSC) is the organization representing the Shopping Center Industry in the Nordic market. Founded in 1986, NCSC today has approximately 1 200 members from Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Iceland and other European countries. The list of members include a wide variety of interest groups, ranging from real estate companies, investors, center managers, retailers, service industries, trade associations and city planners, to government and municipal authorities


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