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The Nordic countries are some of the most dynamic and successful economies in the world. They are also leaders in sustainability, from renewable energy, biofuels, carbon capture and storage and the hydrogen economy, circular economy business models and battery development, the Nordics are pioneers in policy design, technology development and consumer uptake. Mundus Nordic Green News is covering this transition – the highs and the lows. Every day we clip the stories of most relevance to businesspeople and policy experts from the flow of news. We supplement these with our own opinion pieces and commentary, in English.

Mundus was founded in 2012 to provide information and analysis to embassies accredited to Sweden. Today, we deliver news, analysis and media monitoring of the Nordic countries to the international community in the Nordics.

About Mundus International

Mundus International AB was founded in 2012  to provide news and analysis to embassies accredited to Sweden. Since then, we have built up a strong client base amongst diplomats, businesspeople and international students. 

In 2018 we expanded our services to Finland with a monthly policy report and in 2019 we started up our Nordic-wide media- and parliamentary monitoring service. In 2020 we launched Nordic Green, a new venture to provide news from the Nordic countries.


Sean Williams
Commercial Director, Mundus International
Sean Williams

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