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Mundus Nordic Green News – 6 October, 2020

Mundus Nordic Green News

Preem outlines its plans after bombshell decision

After last week’s surprise decision to withdraw its planning application for a major refinery upgrade, Preem's press manager, Dani Backteg, responded to questions saying that Preem will "during the autumn" submit a new application to the Land and Environment Court for large-scale production of liquid biofuels. According to Backteg Preem has “set the goal of producing two million cubic meters of renewable fuel by 2024 and five million cubic meters by 2030,” which is 10 and 25 times more, respectively, than in 2019.


In terms of feedstock, Backteg continued “Renewable raw materials are traded on an international market that will vary over time. A number of fluctuating factors will determine what volumes different raw materials contribute to us, such as harvests, weather variations, as well as supply and demand in general. However, Preem sees great potential in expanding the extraction of renewable raw materials in Sweden and the rest of the Nordic region, and which we believe will be important raw materials for our production in the future.”


Rapid growth in e-charging stations in Sweden
The number of applications for the installation of e-charging stations is expanding rapidly in Sweden. So far this year, there have been 13,950 applications for grants for charging stations to the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, more than doube the 6,299 applications submitted during the whole of last year. According to Edgeir Vårdal Aksnes, CEO of Tibber, one of the leading players in the sale of charging boxes for home use “The trend is strongly upward. In September, we sold around 700-800 boxes, a doubling of our sales since last summer. It is clear that it is hot with electric cars and chargers in Sweden".


Norrköping tenders for a filling station for biofuels and hydrogen

Norrköping Municipality, about 2 hours south of Stockholm, is at the forefront of a sustainable future. The municipality is now planning for an environmentally optimized fuel station at the new Bråvalla junction on the E4 towards Copenhagen. Norrköping says that it is now looking for operators who want to be involved in building and operating a fuel station for light and heavy vehicles. Stakeholders can register an interest no later than 30 October, and the Bråvalla traffic area, where the fuel plant is intended to be located, opens in December.


Maersk Drilling will halve CO2 emissions by 2030

The CEO of Maersk Drilling, Jørn Madsen said “Sustainability is an area of ​​concern, also for our customers, and by being a leader in low-emission offshore drilling, we maintain a differentiated offering that can help customers achieve their goals.” Maersk Drilling estimates that approximately half of the target can be achieved through efficiency gains and known technical solutions and concepts, while the other half will be facilitated by investments in innovation. 


15 Swedish Cleantech companies travel to the Hanover Fair

The Hanover Fair takes place from 12 to 16 April 2021 and is the world's largest industrial fair with 215,000 visitors and over 5,000 exhibitors from 98 countries. 15 Swedish companies will be present.


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