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Mundus Nordic Green News – 22 October, 2020

Finland publishes low-carbon industry roadmap

Finland’s Ministry of Employment and the Economy has published a report summarizing the main results of the industry roadmaps. The report includes the following industries: Energy, Chemicals, Forestry, Technology, Food, Trade, Transport and Logistics, Agriculture, Tourism and Restaurants, Construction, Property Owners and Developers, Sawmill, Textiles and Bioenergy.


The roadmaps show that the government's goal of a carbon-neutral Finland 2035 is achievable. However, the implementation of the roadmaps requires that the investment environment is favorable and that several conditions are met. In summary, the electrification of industry and the rest of society will make it possible to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions in a number of industries. Electrification could mean a 100% increase in industrial electricity consumption and an increase of more than 50% in Finnish electricity consumption by 2050. Increasing low-emission electricity generation capacity and expanding the transmission network will require significant investments.


The 2035 target is so ambitious that emission reductions are needed in every industry. The Minister of Economic Affairs Mika Lintilä acknowledged that “the state must create the conditions for large-scale investments and other activities.“


Sweden’s Energy Minister inaugurates new solar park near Linköping

Solcellsparken in Linköping was today officially inaugurated by the Minister of Energy and Digitization, Anders Ygeman. The solar park near Linköping is one of Sweden's largest and has been in operation since July. It has approximately 30,000 panels, producing electricity sufficient to power 2,300 villas. 


Representatives from the 4 partners involved in the project: Alight, Tekniska verken in Linköping, Infranode and Swedbank were also present to talk about the park and the path from idea to commissioning. Alight has been responsible for the construction and maintenance of the park. Infranode, which specializes in infrastructure investments in the Nordic region, finances the solar park. Swedbank has undertaken to buy the electricity produced, which will account for 30% of their electricity consumption. 


Germany and Denmark wind connected by world’s first “hybrid” interconnector

The world’s first hybrid subsea interconnector has been inaugurated this week, integrating two German and Danish offshore wind farms in the Baltic Sea, and allowing power to be brought onshore to Denmark or Germany and for cross-border energy trading. The Combined Grid Solution (CGS) was inaugurated on Tuesday by German transmission operator 50Hertz and Danish system operator Energinet, and was described by Peter Altmaier, the German Federal Minister for Economic Affairs, as a “European lighthouse project for cross-border cooperation in the field of offshore wind energy.”


Stefan Kapferer, CEO of 50Hertz said that the project “offers us several effective options to balance the frequency and voltage of our transmission grids at all times, to deal with the integration of renewable energy sources with more flexibility and to increase the stability of the overall system.”

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