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Mundus Nordic Green News – 15 April, 2021

Mundus Nordic Green News

Sweden and Denmark amongst nations agreeing to stop subsidies to fossil fuel projects

Seven European countries - France, the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, Spain, and Sweden - will stop subsidising fossil fuel projects elsewhere in the world in a bid to reduce emissions, French economy minister Bruno Le Maire has announced. The leading nations pledged to halt public subsidies to oil and gas projects abroad, while financing sustainable projects and being transparent about their subsidies, said Le Maire, citing the EU's commitment to carbon neutrality by 2050. (Montel)

Biofuels battle resumes on new territory

Suddenly Sweden's forests have become the new battleground for environmental activists. This week Dagens Nyheter decided to make it front page news. Our Mundus blog tries to separate facts from activism. (blog, Kraftringen)

Northvolt could see Arctic Gigafactory expansion 

The Swedish start-up’s car batteries appear to be highly sought-after, and Volkswagen’s SEK 120 billion order could result in bolstering the Northvolt’s Skellefteå Gigafactory’s manufacturing capacity. The Skellefteå site was initially planned for 40GWh, but according to a Northvolt press officer, the start-up is currently in calculations to see “exactly what that entails in [terms of] both size and time”.  Dagens Industri observes that pressure is mounting on Northvolt as car-manufacturers' demand for batteries will soar to new heights within two years, as carbon-cutting targets in 2025-35 loom closer. (Di Digital, Dagens Industri)

Americas’s Power Factors acquires Sweden’s Greenbyte AB

Power Factors, LLC, a North American leader in renewable energy management software, has completed its acquisition of Greenbyte AB, from Gothenburg.  Together, the companies will represent over 75 GW of wind power, solar power and energy storage, in 60 countries worldwide. Power Factors is slightly larger with about 150 employees compared to Greenbyte's about 100. With the acquisition, the two companies create a completely new position in the industry, and want to play a greater role in driving the changes that are currently taking place in parallel in digitization and energy conversion. (Vindkraftsnyheter)

Nilar announces that it intends to list on Nasdaq First North

Nilar International AB, an innovative supplier of batteries and complete electrical energy storage solutions for desktop applications, announced its intention to list its' shares on the Nasdaq First North Premier Growth Market. Prior to the listing, Nilar intends to make an offer of shares to the public in Sweden and qualified investors in Sweden and internationally. (press release)


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