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9 December 2022

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Swedish government calls for reduced electricity use: "The situation is more urgent"

The government announced at a press conference on Friday morning that two of the six nuclear power reactors would be shut down on Friday for maintenance, and urged Swedish households to reduce their electricity consumption. Kristersson announced that Svenska kraftnät had raised the risk of power cuts in winter from "low" to "real". This comes after Sweden's largest nuclear power reactor, Oskarshamn 3, was temporarily taken out of service. He said that the ongoing power crisis was largely due to the decommissioning of several nuclear power reactors in southern Sweden, and that Svenska kraftnät Director General Lotta Medelius-Bredhe, who also attended the press conference, said that several measures would be taken in the future to manage the power situation in Sweden. In the near future, it will be necessary to import electricity from neighbouring countries such as Norway, Poland and Germany.

Nyheteridag, DN

Metacon signs master supply agreement with Ground Investment Corp for €16.1 million

Metacon AB has signed a Master Supply Agreement (MSA) with Ground Investment Corp in Romania for a 10 MW containerised hydrogen plant, valued at €16.1m (approximately SEK 177 million). The agreement covers the delivery of an integrated hydrogen system consisting of an electrolysis hydrogen production unit, a hydrogen compression and storage unit, a fuel cell unit and an integrated hydrogen refuelling station. Project start-up and ordering is dependent on the EU funding decision for GIC. It was agreed that a prerequisite for the first phase to be able to start is that GIC has received the EU funding requested for the project. The assessment is that such a decision will be made in the first half of 2023. The offer of the contract is part of the application for the EU funding scheme. If EU funding is not received, the parties must discuss in a good spirit the possibility of continuing the project under the current contractual conditions and/or agree to relevant amendments to the contract if necessary.


Wind turbines approved for Letala and Virmo in Finland

The Centre for Business, Transport and Environment in Southwest Finland acted as a liaison body to investigate how the potential wind farms at Juvansuo in Virmo and Kolsa in Letala would affect the surrounding environment. The conclusion was that the project could be implemented, but it was also noted that the surrounding environment would be affected. In particular, the well-being and living conditions of the people living in the immediate area would be affected, as would the landscape and the local environment. The transmission of energy within the wind farm is achieved by means of earthing cables, which are placed mainly in cable trenches alongside the roads. The transmission of electricity from the power plant to the power station is achieved by means of earthing cables.


ATP invests in Better Energy

ATP, one of Denmark's largest pension companies, has decided to invest “a small amount” of money in the energy company Better Energy, which builds and operates solar power plants. Better Energy owns 21 solar parks in Denmark and Poland and abroad and the cash injection from ATP will be used to expand its operations in Poland, Sweden and Finland. Better Energy aims to double the number of its projects from 10GW to 20GW by 2025, the equivalent of powering 20 million homes. ATP now owns 155 of Better Energy. Together with Industriens Pension, 


The power grid company Fingrid is building a new transmission line

Grid company Fingrid has announced the start of construction of a new 298 km power line from Vaala to Joroi. 400kV and 110 kV power lines will be built mainly along existing power lines. The transmission line will be completed in 2026 and the cost is estimated at around €265 million. The new transmission line meets the need for additional transmission capacity in Finland. In the future, more and more renewable energy generation will be transferred from northern Finland to the south. At the same time, efforts are being made to move away from fossil electricity production in southern Finland. Also, cheaper electricity will be transported northwards from Sweden. 


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