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8 March 2022

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Copenhagen Energy plans largest offshore wind power project in Australia

Copenhagen Energy plans for a massive 3GW Leeuwin Offshore Wind project comprising 200 turbines to be installed in Geographe Bay, roughly 130km south of Perth. The Danish company has lodged the project together with Australia’s federal government, who so far are proposing the installation of offshore wind turbines and associated offshore substation platforms in Commonwealth waters, with the electricity to be brought onshore via export cables that will traverse state waters to landfall onshore. Construction is set to begin in 2026 and be completed in 2028. Once put into operation, the wind farm is estimated to have an output of 11 TWh per year.

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War in Ukraine causes record high electricity prices in the Nordics

The price of electricity in many European jurisdictions is breaking all records due to the outbreak of war in Ukraine. For instance, in Denmark, on 7 March, the price per kilowatt hour was DKK 2.93, however the wholesale price is expected to reach a new record of DKK 3.38 on 8 March, surpassing the record high electricity prices that were seen in December 2021. 


Nibe shares up 18% since the outbreak of war

The Swedish heat pump manufacturer Nibe started the 2022 stock market year in a weak position. However, Nibe has benefitted from the rising energy prices and as a result the company’s share has rosen with 18% since the outbreak of the war in Ukraine.  

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Norwegian industry chief wants Norway to enter into energy supply agreement with Europe

The head of the Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise (NHO) Ole Erik Almlid wants Norway to invest in offshore wind power and enter into an agreement with Europe on energy supplies as he believes that it would help strengthen Europe’s energy security and secure Norwegian export revenues and climate cuts. “Norway should be a large and important energy nation that contributes to Europe’s energy security. We contribute with oil and gas, but we can also contribute with offshore wind. This will be the large, important source of energy on the renewable side for Europe, whether we are involved or not”, said Almlid. 


Semcon supports Hystar’s production of green hydrogen

Semcon is supporting Norwegian Hystar in the development of their new electrolyser technology for the production of green hydrogen gas. The goal is to produce up to 150% more hydrogen without using more energy than today’s conventional process. The project is now being expanded and Semcon is entering with specialist knowledge so that the production of electrolyser stacks, which convert electricity into hydrogen and oxygen, can be automated. The project, including the construction of a 1MW pilot plant, started on a smaller scale in February 2022, with the hope of expanding during the two years of construction. 

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