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8 February 2022

Mundus Nordic Green News

Aker Carbon Capture and Dan-Unity CO2 partner up to establish a CCUS value chain

Aker Carbon Capture and the world’s first carbon capture and storage-specific shipping entity, Dan-Unity CO2 have signed a collaboration agreement to develop flexible CO2 transport solutions. The aim of the partnership is to establish a full carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS) value chain. 

“The key to success for CCUS comes from strong partnership, enabling to offer customers cost effective and safe solutions all the way. Transporting CO2 by sea allows for maximum flexibility and multiple sourcing points, thus unlocking economies of scale for many CCS projects, often delivering a lower cost per tonnes compared with other transport solutions”, said Steffen Jacobsen, CEO of Dan-Unity CO2.

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Vattenfall intends to bid for entry into the Norwegian wind market

Vattenfall and the Norwegian company Seagust have formed a joint venture to bid for offshore wind areas in Norway’s upcoming licensing rounds. The joint venture represents Vattenfall’s entry into the Norwegian wind market and the possibility to expand offshore wind power in Norway for up to tens of billions of SEK. The licensing rounds are expected to take place within 2022. 

“Norway is an attractive market to us with huge wind resources and we are delighted to see the growing support from the Norwegian government. This joint venture offers us a great chance to deliver affordable energy to industry and customers in line with our goal to enable a fossil-free living within one generation”, said Helene Biström. Head of Wind Vattenfall. 

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Swedish municipal veto costs wind power companies SEK 650 million

Wind power companies operating in Sweden have lost around SEK 650 million as projects were shut down by municipal vetos. The municipal veto gives municipalities the opportunity to stop significant interventions in the landscape and local environment. “Big money is thrown into the lake”, said Svensk Vindenergi’s CEO Daniel Badman. 


The project ‘Green Fuels for Denmark’ is set to accelerate with hopes of producing green jet fuel in 2025

The partnership behind the Power-to-X flagship project ‘Green Fuels for Denmark’ in Copenhagen has, as a result of the increased Danish ambitions within Power-to-X, decided to bring forward parts of the project with the goal of producing green fuels for heavy transport years ahead of schedule. More specifically, the partnership has decided to bring forward 100 MW of the originally planned second phase’s 250 MW electrolysis from 2027 to 2025. The project would potentially be able to supply green fuels corresponding to Denmark’s total domestic consumption of jet fuel in 2027, and as a result fulfill the Danish Government’s ambition of a 100% green domestic aviation by 2030. The partnership will now examine whether parts of ‘Green Fuels for Denmark’s’ expected production of green aviation fuels can be brought forward to 2025. 

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Unique collaboration between Göteborg Energi and Siemens Energy

With new technology, Göteborg Energi and Siemens Energy have successfully run a gas turbine in the Rya Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plant with liquid biofuel instead of natural gas. The project with renewable fuels has been ongoing since 2019 and has now resulted in a successful operational test with biodiesel. For two days, the plant was run on hydrogenated vegetable oil, in other words HVO, which is a diesel fuel based on renewable raw materials. The successful result opens up new opportunities for the conversion of Rya KVV and sustainable power production nationally and globally.

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