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7 March 2022

Mundus Nordic Green News

Swedish Government says efforts to strengthen the EU's energy security need to be intensified

A press release from the Swedish government outlined the need for concrete changes to alter the EU’s energy supply. According to EU Minister Hans Dahlgren and Minister of Energy and Digitization Khashayar Farmanbar, EU Member States need to reduce their dependence on energy from Russia. “The security policy situation clearly shows that we need a more secure and more sustainable European energy supply. It is high time to intensify efforts to strengthen the EU's energy security”, said Hans Dahlgren. 

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Danish Government announces new energy and supply proposal to reduce gas consumption

Denmark must phase out the use of Russian gas, according to a political statement which a broad political majority consisting of the Danish Government, the Liberal Party, the Socialist People's Party, the Radical Left and the Conservatives entered into on Sunday.

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Plagazi AB and Inlandsbanan sign LOI for development of green hydrogen

Plagazi AB has signed a letter of intent (LOI) with Inlandsbanan for the purpose of collaborating on the production and distribution of green hydrogen derived from non-recyclable waste. “We see an exciting technology and process at Plagazi that can contribute to producing competitive green hydrogen and developing the local business community linked to Inlandsbanan's development. Utilising non-recyclable waste and achieving a circular economy is completely in line with our goal of significantly increasing passenger and freight traffic on the Inlandsbanan ” said Peter Enå, Development Manager of Inlandsbanan.

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Metacon enters into cooperation agreements for the European market for hydrogen filling stations

Through its German subsidiary Metacon GmbH, Metacon has entered into a cooperation agreement with PERIC Hydrogen Technologies Co., Ltd (PERIC) for the supply of Metacon's portfolio of hydrogen filling stations (HRS) in Europe.

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BRA aims to be the world's first net zero zero airline

Before Christmas, BRA signed up for the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi), a collaboration between the World Wide Fund for Nature and the United Nations Global Compact, which helps companies set and achieve targets for reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

“We use the GHG protocol to report all significant emissions that our products and services cause,” says Ulrika Matsgård, CEO of BRA. BRA plans to fly on completely fossil-free fuel as early as 2030, making them pioneers in the aviation industry. Already today, BRA's travellers are offered to fly fossil-free on bio-aviation fuel. 


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