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4 May 2023

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Today's Top Nordic Green News:
  • Chinese group Putailai to build Europe's largest anode factory in Sweden
  • Nel Hydrogen plans gigawatt electrolyser manufacturing facility in Michigan
Chinese group Putailai to build Europe's largest anode factory in Sweden

Shanghai-listed Putailai is investing USD 1.3 billion to build Europe's largest anode factory in Sundsvall, central Sweden, with Northvolt as its first main customer. Anodes are a crucial part of batteries used in electric vehicles, and the factory aims to reduce its carbon footprint by 90% compared to importing anodes from China. Europe aims to develop a homegrown battery sector to challenge dominant Asian players. Putailai is one of four major Chinese groups in the sector, accounting for about half the global market, and supplies artificial graphite to major battery makers such as CATL, LG and Samsung.


Nel Hydrogen plans gigawatt electrolyser manufacturing facility in Michigan

Nel Hydrogen plans to build a gigawatt electrolyser manufacturing facility in Michigan. The facility will employ over 500 people and become one of the world's largest electrolyser manufacturing plants. The Michigan facility will have a production capacity of up to 4 GW of Alkaline and PEM electrolysers. The choice of Michigan is based on what the state can offer in terms of financial incentives, access to a highly skilled workforce and cooperation with universities, research institutions, and strategic partners. The factory will be built in steps to match supply with demand, and the final investment will require a separate decision.

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Sweden launches inquiry to speed up wind power permits 

The Swedish Government is set to announce several large wind power projects, which are in the final phase of preparation. Permit processes for offshore wind parks need to be simplified and the Swedish Government is therefore launching an inquiry to understand how to speed up processes, the Minister for Climate and the Environment, Romina Pourmokhtari (L) announced during a press conference. “We need more solar power, nuclear power, hydropower and more wind power. Wind has an important spot in our energy mix,” the Minister said. The investigation aims to examine the possibility of obtaining exclusive rights for the establishment of wind power in an area at an early stage, and the possibility of setting up a new guidance system. But the inquiry is not appreciated by all, with Tobias Andersson (SD) telling Dagens Nyheter that the party continues to be kept out of inquiry discussions that fall under the Tidö Agreement. “I do not appreciate that they are trying to bypass us on the wind power agenda.” 

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Fingrid delays new connection agreements on west coast until 2027 due to excess wind power

Finnish transmission system operator Fingrid will not allow new wind power plants on the west coast of the country to connect to the main grid until 2027. Fingrid is currently building out the main grid but until the work is complete, new plants without an agreement with the company will not be allowed to connect. Several thousand megawatts of new energy have been added to the main grid in Ostrobothnia in recent years and more are expected to be connected in the coming years, prompting the pause in connections on the west coast.


Cargotec and SSAB partner to bring emission-free steel to cargo handling industry

Finnish Cargotec and SSAB have agreed to collaborate on reducing the carbon footprint of the cargo handling industry by utilising SSAB Zero™, a recycled steel free of fossil carbon dioxide emissions. Cargotec aims to gradually incorporate this steel into its products from 2023, with the goal of reducing emissions in its value chain by 50% by 2030. SSAB Zero™ has no fossil carbon dioxide emissions in its own operations and uses only recycled steel as raw material, supporting the circular economy.


ZeroNorth and Vitol form strategic partnership to enhance emissions reporting and vessel operations

Danish ZeroNorth has announced a long-term strategic partnership with energy and commodity firm Vitol, which will see Vitol gain full access to the ZeroNorth platform, and ZeroNorth customers will gain access to Vitol’s carbon reduction solutions and bunkering services. The partnership will optimise operations in voyage, vessel, bunker and emissions optimisation, vessel reporting and vessel selection. The deal will also support Vitol’s continued regulatory compliance with maritime environmental regulations, and help the organisation manage its EU Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS) exposure.

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Wästbygg's Logistic Contractor to build green steel production facility for H2 Green Steel in Boden

Wästbygg Group company Logistic Contractor has signed an agreement with H2 Green Steel to build parts of a facility for the production of green steel in Boden. Wästbygg Group is a Swedish project development company, while Logistic Contractor develops and builds turnkey logistics and industrial establishments. The agreement covers a building of 150,000 square metres and an order value of approximately SEK 1.7 billion. "The deal is conditional on H2 Green Steel being granted financing for the project. The order value will be included in the Wästbygg Group's order intake only after the client has received a positive financing decision," Wästbygg communicated in a press release.


Swedish Epiroc issues second green bond to finance sustainable solutions

Epiroc, a Swedish mining and infrastructure productivity and sustainability partner, has issued its second green bond to finance the development of sustainable products and solutions for a fossil-free world. The bond is valued at SEK 1.5 billion and investor interest was strong with an order book of close to SEK 3 billion. The funds raised can be used to finance sustainable projects within the categories of products and production technologies, energy efficiency and sustainable management of water and wastewater. The company aims to accelerate the transformation towards a more sustainable industry and society.

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French energy giant Neoen positions itself in Swedish renewable energy market

French renewable energy company, Neoen, is positioning itself to become a player in Sweden's renewable energy market. Since its establishment in Sweden in 2020, Neoen has focused on developing a large-scale and broad project portfolio, investing EUR 200 million in Swedish renewable energy projects so far. The company is expected to launch several new projects as the Swedish demand for electricity increases steadily in the coming years. Neoen's first Swedish project is the Storbrännkullen wind farm in Jämtland, which is planned to be commissioned at the beginning of 2024. The company's business strategy is based on the motto "develop to own," meaning that the company will remain the sole owner of the wind farm and also be responsible for its operation.


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