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31 March 2022

Mundus Nordic Green News

Ørsted and ATP bid on Denmark’s proposed energy island

Ørsted will, together with its capital partner ATP, bid on Denmark’s proposed energy island, which is expected to supply renewable energy to Danish households. However, the two parties want the energy island project to be made larger than originally planned and are, as a result, working towards creating a new model which in the long run would make it possible to supply electricity to 20 million European households or more. “Our model has great flexibility in the upward direction. We mention 20 GW, but we have not actually set an upper limit”, said Rasmus Errboe, regional director for Ørsted in Continental Europe. 


Vestas mass-produces giant turbine

In 2024, Vestas will begin series production of its V236-15.0 MW nacelle. The production will take place at the group’s factory at the former Lindø shipyard near Odense and the factory is currently in the process of developing a prototype, which is scheduled to be installed in a test centre in Østerild during the second half of 2022. 

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Sweden continues cooperation on electric roads with France and Germany

The Swedish Government has instructed the Swedish Transport Administration to continue to coordinate Sweden’s cooperation with Germany and France regarding electric roads. The Swedish Transport Administration will produce an action plan for the concrete measures that will be implemented within the framework of the cooperation over the next three years. Together with an overall report on what has been so far in the collaboration, it must be reported to the Government Offices no later than 30 October 2022. 

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Minister for Climate and the Environment launches Sweden-US GTI

On March 31, Minister of Climate and the Environment, Annika Strandhäll (S), launches the Sweden-US Green Transition Initiative, GTI, in Washington. The initiative will make Sweden a partner in the USA’s climate change process and is now being launched by Business Sweden, the Swedish Energy Agency and Vinnova together with the Swedish Embassy in Washington. GTI will be a node for both Swedish and American companies, authorities, researchers and other partners and will create opportunities for Swedish companies to grow in the American market. The hope is that the initiative will lead to further investments in Swedish small and medium-sized companies, reduced greenhouse gas emissions and that Sweden will be at the forefront of climate change. 

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Karlstads Energi continues with plans for hydrogen production at Hedenverket

Karlstads Energi goes ahead with the plans for hydrogen production at Hedenverket. The next step in the development and Karlstads Energi’s ambition, is to contribute to heavy transport being electrified, as suitable vehicles become available on the market. Karlstads Energi’s board recently decided on a feasibility study that will examine in more detail the economic conditions for producing hydrogen at the hydrogen plant. A research project which the company has participated in has already established that co-production of hydrogen and district heating has several advantages. 

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Hurtigruten to produce zero-emission ships

Hurtigruten recently announced their collaboration with Sintef to find out how they can build emission-free cruise ships. The two parties are keeping the door open to use hydrogen, ammonia or other solutions. Sintef will carry out a feasibility study and find out what technology is available, what technology needs to be developed, and who can help build the emission-free cruise ship. The first ship is estimated to be put into operation by 2030. 


Statkraft and ABO Wind enter into 10-year agreement in Finland

Statkraft and ABO Wind recently announced their decision to enter into a 10-year power purchase for the Finnish wind farm Pajuperänkangas. Statkraft will also receive the rights to the guarantees of origin for the electricity produced. The 14 turbines are scheduled to be connected to the grid in 2023 and will supply electricity corresponding to an annual consumption of approximately 14,000 Finnish households with electric heating. Construction of the foundations is scheduled to start in 3Q22. 

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HySynergy announced as Lighthouse Project

Everfuel has had its HySynergy project announced as a Lighthouse Project by Hydrogen Europe. Lighthouse Projects are characterised as integrated hydrogen initiatives on a large scale that stand out and that make a noticeable difference to the climate. HySynergy being categorised as a Lighthouse Project means that  Hydrogen Europe will support and accelerate the roll-out of the project. HySynergy will produce its first green hydrogen by the end of 2022 from the original 20 MW electrolysis plant. The plant will be scaled to 300 MW in 2025 and 1 GW in 2030, meeting the Lighthouse criteria of being a large-scale project based on significant investments. 

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