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3 June 2022

Mundus Nordic Green News

Swedfund invests 20 MUSD in Serengeti Energy

Swedish Development Finance Institution (Swedfund) will invest 20 MUSD in Serengeti Energy, a Sub-Saharan independent power producer which develops, constructs, owns and operates grid-connected renewable energy resources in a region that is currently heavily dependent on fossil fuels. Swedfund capital is part of a structured fund raise of USD 80m, alongside the French Development Finance Institution Proparco and STOA, a French impact fund.

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Breakthrough claimed for the production of green cement

SaltX Technology says it has verified results for electrically and climate-neutral cement production. “We have examined several samples of the SaltX-produced material with electron microscopy and the results are clear: The company has succeeded in producing clinker with plasma heating with the same properties as with a traditional fossil-powered furnace.” A technical innovation known as an Electric Arc Calciner (EAC), electrifies the production of cement using renewable energy, with CO2 released during heating comes out as a by-product - ready for final storage. 

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Sweden’s Plugin EV Share Keeps Growing, Up 22% YoY

May saw Sweden’s plugin electric vehicles take 47.5% market share, up from 39.0% YoY - 24.2% full battery electrics (BEVs), and 23.4% plugin hybrids (PHEVs). Overall auto market volume was 26,375 units, was 9% up YoY, though still 9% down from seasonal norms due to supply chain issues. Sweden’s best selling BEV in May was the Volkswagen ID.4.


Danish hot rock energy storage project halted

On 2 September last year, Mundus Nordic Green News reported that Stiesdal Storage Technologies has developed GridScale energy storage system with 10 hours to 10 days capacity, using well-insulated steel tanks that contain several thousand tonnes of basalt pebbles to store energy at up to 600°C. However, the project has now been halted by high material prices. Construction has been put on hold until the end of the year, but it will actually depend on when the delivery situation is normalized, Stiesdal Storage Technologies said. 

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