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27 April, 2021

Mundus Nordic Green News

Åland wants to develop a new wind province

Åland, a Finnish island in the Baltic Sea currently imports 70% of its power from Sweden. However, 1000 square kilometers of sea areas have now been provisionally reserved for wind power construction in Åland waters. If the entire electricity production of the project took place, it is forecast to produce 30 TWh p.a., corresponding to 45% of Finland's energy production. This would make it a major energy construction project by European standards. (News le Portale)

Linde Gas is looking for partners for a new PtX adventure at the Port of Aabenraa

Linde Gas and the Port of Aabenraa in Denmark, have entered into a new collaboration with the ambition of producing sustainable hydrogen and hydrogen-based products. The two partners will investigate the possibilities of establishing an electrolysis plant for the production of hydrogen, and try to find partners who will build plants for the production of hydrogen-based products at the port. (idag)

Everfuel plans hydrogen stations in Sweden

Everfuel has launched a roll-out plan for hydrogen stations for Sweden with a goal of up to 15 strategically positioned filling locations by the end of 2023. The plan is the second part of Everfuel's Scandinavian hydrogen station strategy for trucks, buses and cars, connecting the most important traffic corridors in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. The Swedish network will consist of locations developed by Everfuel, as well as filling stations in the partly EU-funded Nordic Hydrogen Corridor initiative, developed in collaboration with the project partners Statkraft, Toyota, Hyundai and Hydrogen Sweden. (Exchange announcement)

Swedish pension lobbies seek more clarity on green infra regulations

Industry groups representing Swedish pension providers want clarity on the proposed loosening of capital requirements for pension funds’ infrastructure equity investments which are considered environmentally sustainable. The industry groups warn that the level of evidence required under the proposed legislation in order to prove that the investments were green was far too demanding. (Investment & Pensions Europe)

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