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25 March 2022

Mundus Nordic Green News

Einride enters into agreement with A.P. Møller-Mærsk

Swedish logtech company Einride has entered into a strategic cooperation agreement with A.P. Møller-Mærsk for electrification of over one million deliveries during a first five-year period. The basis for collaboration is Einride’s technology platform for freight. The platform consists of 300 connected electric vehicles, 150 charging stations and connected services. The connected electric vehicles will be delivered by Einride during the years 2023-2025 and be used in Mærsk’s North American operations in a number of selected cities. The partnership is part of Mærsk’s sustainability commitment of zero net emissions in its value chain in 2040. 

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Nasdaq launches carbon price tracker

Nasdaq has launched the world’s first family index focused solely on tracking the price of carbon removal and will use three new commodity reference price indexes that are based on Puro.earth’s Carbon Removal Certificates (CORCs). With the new index family focused on carbon removal, Nasdaq aims to support the growth of the voluntary carbon removal market by creating the transparency needed to encourage investment and support project financing decisions.

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Ilamatar Energy invests heavily in Åland wind power

Finnish company Ilmatar Energy is hoping to build a large-scale offshore wind farm in the North Sea through a newly formed Åland subsidiary. The development work and the work with permits will be done together with authorities and other stakeholders within the next few years. The goal is for the first wind turbines to spin before 2030. 

“Åland has enormous potential for large-scale energy production. Fully developed, the project involves a production that is one hundred times as large as Åland’s current energy needs”, the company writes. 

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AxSol sells ownership in Svea Solar to Altor

Following a capital round, AxSol is now selling its ownership in Svea Solar to Altor, which will become Svea’s single largest owner. Altor’s major investment will help realise Svea Solar’s goals of becoming the European market leader in the solar residential space and to cover 80% of Europe by 2026. During February, AxSol made investments in the listed, fast-growing solar marketplace company Otovo, and in Solkompaniet, where AxSol is now the majority owner.

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Norway secures financing for carbon capture plant

Oslo’s municipality recently announced that they have secured financing for Klemerud, the municipality’s waste-to-energy carbon capture plant. The raised capital comes after having been denied EU-funding for the project due to debates on carbon removal credits. 

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NHH and SNF invests in hydrogen research

Norway’s Ministry of Petroleum and Energy is establishing a new research centre on hydrogen in Bergen with an overall goal of achieving faster decarbonisation. The Norwegian School of Management and Social and Business Research are both partners in the new centre that will conduct the research. The new HyValue research centre will be led by NORCE and the Research Council will grant NOK 15 million annually for eight years. If successful, Norway is in line to become a major exporter of hydrogen, perhaps up to the NOK 100 billion mark over the next 20 years. 

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Sweden decides on support for production of biogas

The Government has decided on an ordinance which means that those who produce biogas can receive support. Production of biogas that is upgraded to the same quality as natural gas must be given a subsidy of no more than SEK 0.30 per KWh. Biogas that is converted to liquid form can receive an additional SEK 0.15 per KWh in support. In the long run, this can reduce dependence on imports of fossil natural gas, as biogas can then, for example, replace natural gas in industries or be used as fuel in gas trucks, heavy trucks and sea transport. 

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