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24 March 2022

Mundus Nordic Green News

Mitsui invests NOK 5.5 billion into Mainstream Renewable Power

Japanese company Mitsui recently announced its decision to invest NOK 5.5 billion in Aker company Mainstream Renewable Power, which is a subsidiary of Aker Horizons, the umbrella company of Aker’s green investments. With that, the Japanese giant gets a 27.5% stake in the company, while Aker Horizons will be left with 54.4% of the shares. Eddie O’Connor, along with Irish investors, owns the remaining 18.1%. Mainstream is now valued at EUR 2.1 billion. The share price of Aker Horizons closed up 13% after rising 33% when trading opened. 

E24, DN 

Nel raises NOK 1.5 billion

Nel recently announced that the company has raised NOK 1.5 billion in new capital from a private placement. The issue price was set at NOK 15.3 in a book-building process where Carnegie and Morgan Stanley were brought in as advisers. The raised capital will be used to increase production capacity, to expand the organisation in terms of order intake and tender activity, as well as for general company purposes. 

“Nel is experiencing an ever-increasing interest and opportunities in the hydrogen industry”, the company writes, emphasising that it has more than doubled the list of possible projects to USD 12 billion in 4Q21 alone. 

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OX2 enters the Greek market 

The Swedish wind power company OX2 has announced that it is stepping into the Greek market through an acquisition of two development projects totaling over 500 MW. OX2 will establish a local organisation and focus on land-based wind and solar power as well as explore opportunities in other areas of renewable energy such as offshore wind power and storage. 


​​Statkraft and chemical company WACKER enter into agreement

Norwegian Statkraft and German chemical company WACKER have signed an agreement to ensure that 40% of the power consumption at the smelter at Holla is covered by clean hydropower in the future. Statkraft will supply a total of 2.35 TWh of certified Norwegian hydropower to WACKER’s smelter between January 2022 to December 2027. Of this, around 525 GWh will come from the Svean hydropower plant in Nidelven, as part of a green power sales agreement (PPA) between the parties.

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Green Power Denmark is Denmark’s new green business organisation

Dansk Energi, Wind Denmark and Dansk Solkraft are merging into a new green business organisation: Green Power Denmark. The new organisation will bring together the entire value chain of the green transition and embrace members within the production of energy technology in the wind turbine industry as well as developers of renewable energy projects, owners of energy production and companies that trade and transport green electricity. 

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Floating Power Plant enters into agreement with oil and gas company

Danish company Floating Power Plant has signed a design contract with a large unnamed oil and gas producer. The design contract will eventually become a concrete plan for the production of green electricity for a drilling platform in the North Sea. The company is currently unable to reveal much information, other than that it’s all about supplying renewable energy to UK’s oil and gas activities, which today account for 10-11% of the country’s total CO2 emissions. 


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