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24 February 2023

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Today's Top Nordic Green News:
  • EU member states say no to proposal to restrict forest fuels
  • Australian hydrogen vehicle manufacturer H2X Global partners with Norwegian Hydrogen for commercial supply and vehicles in the Nordic region
  • Norconsult will design Australian Fortescue's 300 MW green hydrogen and ammonia plant in Norway's Svelgen
EU member states say no to proposal to restrict forest fuels

A proposal by the EU Parliament to limit the use of forest fuels, including wood chips, as a biofuel source is facing opposition from twelve EU member states, including Finland, Estonia, and Poland. The proposal is currently being negotiated between the EU Parliament, Commission, and Council as part of the revised Renewable Energy Directive (RED III). Svebio, a Swedish bioenergy trade association, has supported the rejection of the proposal, stating that it would lead to a decrease in renewable energy use and increased emissions of fossil carbon dioxide.

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Australian hydrogen vehicle manufacturer H2X Global partners with Norwegian Hydrogen for commercial supply and vehicles in the Nordic region

H2X Global, an Australian hydrogen vehicle manufacturer, has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Norwegian Hydrogen to develop a commercial supply of hydrogen and zero-emission commercial vehicles. The collaboration will focus on the Nordics, with a joint commercial and operational framework to transition carriers to hydrogen as a zero-emission solution. The partnership aims to offer a complete solution for climate-friendly commercial transport, including green hydrogen production, distribution, filling stations, and vehicle delivery and maintenance. The companies will meet in Kristiansund on 1 March for a themed day on green land transport, and plan to announce the first trucks and filling stations ordered on the basis of their partnership soon.

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Norconsult will design Australian Fortescue's 300 MW green hydrogen and ammonia plant in Norway's Svelgen

Australian Fortescue Future Industries (FFI), a heavy industry company, will develop a green hydrogen and ammonia production plant with a potential capacity of 300 MW in Svelgen, Norway, with Norconsult handling basic investigations, design, and infrastructure. FFI is committed to producing green hydrogen and green ammonia without carbon emissions, and aims to develop and procure technological solutions for industries that are difficult to decarbonize. Norconsult is a Norwegian consulting engineering company in power generation that has experience in the production, transport, and storage of ammonia, which is essential in reducing carbon emissions in food production and marine transport.

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Danish Clenflex to set up commercial pyrolysis plants for plastic recycling with Indian partner APChemi

Clenflex, a Danish pyrolysis plant developer, has formed a strategic partnership with Indian firm APChemi for the sale and installation of commercial plants throughout Europe. APChemi has produced and installed 47 pyrolysis plants since 2007, delivering to an established customer base in numerous countries. Clenflex is already experiencing a significant demand for its facilities from companies that produce large quantities of plastic waste and wants to set up at least four plants during 2023. The partnership agreement includes the purchase of a small pyrolysis test plant to be set up in Denmark in March, allowing Clenflex to offer plastic waste testing for Danish and European companies.

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Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners acquires Envo Biogas Tønder for biogas project

Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP) has acquired Envo Biogas Tønder, a biogas project in Denmark, from Anaergia, marking CIP's first investment in renewable natural gas (RNG). The acquisition is also the first investment in CIP's Advanced Bioenergy Fund and will contribute to the decarbonization of the hard-to-abate sectors as well as the security of gas supply. Once completed, Envo Biogas Tønder will be one of the largest biogas plants in Europe, converting around 900,000 tons of sustainable feedstock into approximately 40m Nm3 of renewable natural gas, which will be injected into the natural gas grid. The financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

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Sweden's largest forest owner association aims for net zero emissions by 2040

Södra, Sweden’s largest forest owner association, has set new climate targets, aiming to halve emissions of fossil greenhouse gases by 2030 and achieve net zero by 2040. The short-term goal has been approved by the Science Based Targets initiative. Södra believes the greatest opportunities for reducing emissions lie in electrifying work machines and transport and using fossil-free inputs. The company has also pledged that 70% of its customers, in terms of total emissions, will be connected to Science Based Targets by 2027. Södra's activities are thought to produce a climate benefit equivalent to 25% of Sweden's reported emissions in 2021.

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Danish Energy Agency partners with Danish universities and consultancy firms for screening of offshore wind potential in Denmark

The Danish Energy Agency (Energistyrelsen) is collaborating with Aarhus University, DTU Vind, GEUS, and NIRAS for a screening and environmental mapping project to evaluate Denmark's offshore wind potential. The screening aims to provide a comprehensive and updated overview of Denmark's offshore wind potential, including identifying potentially vulnerable areas in terms of nature, environment, and other spatial interests. The project will contribute to a better knowledge base for the future development of offshore wind power in Denmark, focusing on technical potential, marine ecology, and the wind and hydrodynamic conditions. The project will take place from 2022 to 2025 and involve existing data and previous state screenings. The project is part of the political sub-agreement for Finance Act 2022 Investments in a continuously greener Denmark.

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Soltech Energy reports 170% increase in net sales

Soltech Energy, a Swedish solar energy company, reported an increase in net sales by 170% to SEK 732.4 million. However, the company reported a net loss of SEK 67.4 million in the same period. Soltech Energy aims to turn to profitability in 2023, as the underlying business showed profitability in Q4 2022. The company's CEO, Stefan Ölander, expressed pride in the organic growth of the business, which increased by 81% in Q4 2022.

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Swedish floating offshore wind power company Hexicon continues to see losses

Hexicon, a Swedish company specialising in floating offshore wind power, reported an operating loss of SEK 41.5 million for Q4 2022, compared to a loss of SEK 15 million in the same period last year. Net sales also decreased to SEK 1.8 million, down from SEK 6.1 million, due to a focus on project development services. The company attributed the increased losses to expansion of its project portfolio and technical development activities.

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