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23 May 2023

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Today's Top Nordic Green News:
  • Volvo Trucks wins big Swiss EV order
  • Ludvika suppliers prepare for growth after Hitachi Energy's deal
Volvo Trucks wins big Swiss EV order

Holcim, a Swiss construction company, has ordered 1,000 electrified trucks from Volvo Trucks. Volvo will deliver these new-generation trucks by 2030 and  aims to reduce CO2 emissions from road transport by up to 50% per year. The deal is reportedly Volvo's largest for EV-trucks this far and aligns with Holcim's goal of reaching 30% of zero-emission heavy-duty truck purchases or contracts by 2030. Holcim and Volvo Group, both founding members of the First Movers Coalition, are committed to using their purchasing power to create early markets for clean technologies. 


Ludvika suppliers prepare for growth after Hitachi Energy's deal

The recent  SEK 147 billion deal between Hitachi Energy and Tennet has generated significant potential for the Ludvika region in Sweden. Local suppliers are gearing up their production to meet the increased demand from Hitachi Energy, with Plimab, an engineering company and selected supplier to Hitachi, being asked to double its production of cooling plates for high-voltage direct current (HVDC) valves. The deal has led to a surge in activity for Plimab and other companies in the region, securing their future for several years. 

While the growth prospects are promising, challenges such as delivering volume on time and maintaining quality arise with the rapid increase in production. Labour availability and recruitment also pose difficulties. Nevertheless, the companies are making investments in machinery and premises to meet the rising demand and are focused on ensuring high-quality standards. The Ludvika region anticipates significant economic growth as a result of this record-breaking order.


Volvo Group partners with Vattenfall to secure long-term renewable energy

The Volvo Group has entered into a partnership with Vattenfall, Sweden's largest producer of renewable electricity, to secure long-term renewable energy for its operations. Under the agreement, the Volvo Group will purchase 50% of the renewable electricity produced at the Bruzaholm wind farm in Sweden over a ten-year period, starting in late 2025. 

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Nefco funds Heliostorage to scale up emission-free heating and energy storage solution

Finnish cleantech company Heliostorage has secured funding from Nefco, the Nordic Green Bank, to expand its emission-free Seasonal Thermal Energy Storage (STES) solution in Europe. Heliostorage's innovative energy system allows for independent heating without emissions by efficiently storing excess energy from solar and waste heat resources. With the support of Nefco, Heliostorage aims to scale up its sales efforts and provide sustainable heating alternatives to European companies heavily reliant on natural gas and oil. 

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Finnish Ministry of the Environment grants EUR 1.2 million for 15 projects 

The Finnish Ministry of the Environment has awarded EUR 1.2 million in state aid to 15 projects aimed at reducing emissions and adapting to climate change in the built environment. The funding, obtained from the EU's recovery instrument through the Low Carbon Built Environment Program, will support initiatives that develop sustainable solutions and practices. These projects cover various aspects, including energy-efficient construction, circular economy, emission calculation tools and spatial planning. The program has already financed a total of 57 projects worth EUR 4.3 million, and the supported projects are expected to conclude by the end of 2024. The initiative aims to promote innovation, knowledge sharing and the transition to a low-carbon built environment in Finland.

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