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23 April, 2021

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PMs of Norway and Denmark speak at Biden’s Leaders’ Summit

The leaders of Norway and Denmark both had speaking roles yesterday at Biden’s Leaders’ Summit.

Norway’s Prime Minister Erna Solberg, emphasized her country was moving at record pace towards zero emissions road transport, with more than half of all new cars in Norway being electric. She also identified Norway as a leader in ocean-based climate solutions, with its’ effort to switch sea ferries to electric, and also the large commitment of investment to carbon capture and storage

Denmark’s Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen emphasized the Danish strengths, including the cooperation between public authorities and private companies. In line with Denmark’s recent decisions to invest in offshore wind via the world-leading concept of energy islands, she identified the need for large investments in renewable energy, as a precursor to convert renewable energy into sustainable fuels for ships, aircraft and trucks. Lars Sandahl Sørensen, CEO of Danske Industri described the PMs performance as “strong”. (Norwegian government press release, Dansk Industri)

HydrogenPro and Hynion join forces for hydrogen fueling stations

Two Norwegian companies, Hynion and HydrogenPro signed a cooperation agreement on the delivery of green hydrogen to Hynion's hydrogen stations. According to the agreement, Hynion will have access to cost-effective technology for producing green hydrogen. (H2 Bulletin)

Network set up around the Gulf of Bothnia to develop the hydrogen economy
A BotH2nia business cooperation network has been established in and around the Gulf of Bothnia to develop the hydrogen economy. The network includes numerous companies and universities in Finland and Sweden, including Swedish steel maker, SSAB, oil refiner, Neste, the machine manufacturer, Wärtsilä and ABB. The Gulf of Bothnia region, at the northernmost tip of the Baltic Sea, has a large supply of emission-free electricity generated from wind power and nuclear power. (Microsoft News)
Energiforsk and RISE launch strategic collaboration on hydrogen

Two Swedish research institutes, Energiforsk and RISE are launching a strategic collaboration through a national R&D program on hydrogen, in order to identify how hydrogen is efficiently and sustainably implemented in society. (Dagens Infrastruktur)

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