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22 May 2023

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Today's Top Nordic Green News:
  • H2 Green Steel partners with German specialist for world’s largest electrolysis plant
  • Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners unveils massive green hydrogen hub in Australia
  • Swedish companies SSAB and BE Group join forces for fossil-free steel solutions
H2 Green Steel partners with German specialist for world’s largest electrolysis plant

Thyssenkrupp Nucera, a German specialist in high-efficient water electrolysis, has entered into an agreement with H2 Green Steel to provide a capacity of over 700 MW for H2 Green Steel's electrolysis plant in Boden. This collaboration positions the plant as one of the largest electrolysis facilities announced thus far. H2 Green Steel aims to produce fossil free steel at Boden by 2025.

​​While many discussions revolve around large green hydrogen projects, few actually materialise into concrete orders and production. One challenge often associated with electrolyser investments is the relatively low efficiency, resulting in energy loss during the conversion process. However, H2 Green Steel asserts that its plant is the most efficient available, with ongoing software enhancements expected to further optimise performance. The company believes in taking action now rather than waiting for more advanced solutions in the future, as delaying the green transition would impede progress.

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Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners unveils massive green hydrogen hub in Australia

Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP) has revealed plans for a large green hydrogen production hub in South Australia's Eyre Peninsula. The project, named Evergreen, aims to include approximately 14 GW of solar and wind capacity along with 7 GW of hydrogen capacity. CIP is also developing a 30 GW pipeline of renewable projects in Australia, including the Murchison Renewable Hydrogen Project in Western Australia. The company has been engaging with local communities and stakeholders to address concerns and aspirations. The announcement comes as the South Australian government plans to expedite hydrogen and renewable energy project development through streamlined processes. The national budget has also allocated USD 2 billion for green hydrogen projects. 


Swedish companies SSAB and BE Group join forces for fossil-free steel solutions

Swedish steel services company BE Group and SSAB have announced a long-term collaboration to identify opportunities for fossil-free steel in key markets, focusing on manufacturing and construction. The partnership aims to meet customers' technology, sustainability and communication needs by preparing for future fossil-free opportunities. SSAB plans to produce fossil-free steel commercially by 2026. The collaboration with BE Group will help SSAB plan its production and enable BE Group to offer SSAB's fossil-free steel to its customers. The partnership will also assist BE Group's customers in positioning their end products using premium fossil-free steel grades and transitioning to fossil-free production.

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Number of solar panel installations triples in Finland in 2022

According to Elenia, the second largest distribution system operator in Finland, around 4,400 solar panel installations were connected to its electricity network last year. The number more than tripled from the previous year. Meanwhile, this year there have already been almost 1,900 more installations. There are currently no signs that the installation of panels would also slow down any time soon, although the low price of electricity may reduce the profitability of small power plants. Moreover, Finland has a strong electricity network compared to many other countries, but especially in the installation of larger solar panel installations, the sustainability of the network must be ascertained.


Finnish Climate Fund grants EUR 6 million loan to Lamor Resiclo Oy for plastic recycling 

The Finnish Climate Fund has provided a capital loan of EUR 6 million to Lamor Resiclo Oy for the establishment of a chemical recycling plant in Sköldvik, Borgå. The funding aims to address the challenge of recycling difficult-to-process plastics, offering an alternative to incinerating them as waste. This investment enables Lamor to expand its environmental services into the plastic recycling sector and contribute to the goal of achieving a carbon-neutral society. The facility will utilise pyrolysis technology to condense pyrolysis oil from plastic waste, which can be used as a substitute for fossil crude oil in the production of plastics and other chemicals. By promoting the reuse of valuable raw materials that would otherwise become waste, the project aligns with the circular economy principles and aims to significantly reduce plastic waste and related emissions.

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Finnish sustainable fashion companies face challenging times

Several Finnish sustainable fashion brands are facing difficulties, with Arela and Nudge shutting down and Kässäkerho Pom Pom and Myssyfarmi seeking urgent orders. The decline in Finnish purchasing power due to rising prices and interest rates is the main reason for the brands' struggles. The COVID-19 pandemic and the conflict in Ukraine have also affected the availability of raw materials, production and transportation. Finnish consumers are now more price-conscious, opting for cheaper alternatives. 

The trend of sustainability in fashion has become highly competitive, and it is no longer a significant competitive advantage. Despite the difficulties, some businesses have managed to thrive by leveraging e-commerce and maintaining a strong online presence.


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