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21 June 2022

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Sweden’s government opens up for SMR nuclear reactors amongst other energy innovations

Sweden’s government is open to extending the operating time of the Swedish nuclear power plants and investigating small modular nuclear (SMR) power plants. It has tasked the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority with developing new regulations for new reactor technology such as small modular reactors, and reviewing how existing reactors can continue to be used, in order to secure electricity production in step with an increased need for electricity.

Other proposals raised at a press conference today were to investigate the possibility of setting requirements for installing solar cells in public and commercial buildings throughout the country, and to compensate those affected when wind power is expanded. It also wants to shorten the application period for wind power far out at sea, and modernize hydropower.



New test facility from European Energy will produce sustainable aviation fuel

European Energy has secured funds to co-finance two new research projects from the Energy Technology Development and Demonstration Programme (EUDP) in Denmark. The first project will be to establish a test facility that can convert e-methanol to eSAF (sustainable aviation fuel).

The second project was funded in the previous round of applications to the EUDP programme and will focus on the digitalization of solar panel operations. New solar panels and inverters with greater voltage are replacing current solutions. To mitigate risk factors, new digitalized operation and management tools need to be developed.

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Wärtsilä and Stena are building the world's largest hybrid ship

Technology group Wärtsilä will deliver its hybrid propulsion system to three new RoPax vessels, which are currently being built for Stena RoRo, Europe's largest ferry company. Two of the ferries will have a battery capacity of 11.5 MWh, making them the largest hybrid vessels to date in the marine industry. 

 The vessels have been designed and developed by Stena RoRo and Brittany Ferries who will charter the vessels for a long time and put them into service between Portsmouth in the UK and the French ports of St Malo and Caen. The vessels will be able to run on either liquefied natural gas (LNG) or batteries.

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Azelio receives first order for its energy storage system from the USA

The Swedish cleantech company Azelio has received its first American order for its long-term energy storage system, TES.POD, from Handi Stop Market in Fresno, California. Handi Stop will combine two TES.POD units with solar energy to cover half the energy needs of one of its stations, which consists of gas station, a convenience store and a fast food restaurant.

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World's first commercial flight carried out with 100% bio-aviation fuel in both engines 

The aircraft manufacturer ATR, the airline BRA and the fuel supplier Neste, today carried out the world's first flight with a commercial aircraft with 100 percent bio-aviation fuel in both engines, as part of a collaboration to make the aviation industry more sustainable. During the flight, fossil jet fuel was replaced with Neste MY Renewable Aviation Fuel , which reduces greenhouse gas emissions by up to 80%.

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Finnish defence rejects wind farms along Russian border

More wind farms should not be built in Eastern Finland as turbines distract radar operations along the 1,300-km land border with Russia, according to the Finnish Defence Forces. Turbines over 50 metres tall or situated close to strategic areas require a green light from the armed forces. According to the military, the distance between a wind turbine and a radar installation must be at least 40 km. Wind farms create shadow zones, interfering with reflections making regional surveillance more difficult. In the last 10 years, about 80% of statements given by the army concerning the establishment of wind farms had been positive until the security situation changed due to the Ukrainian war and Finland applying for NATO membership.

This year, most wind farm applications have been rejected as reconciling Finland’s move towards self-sufficiency in electricity and enhancing green transition while taking security concerns into account has complicated the situation. 


PTC India, Greenstat ink pact to develop green hydrogen solutions

PTC India, the country's largest power trader, said it has signed a pact with the Indian subsidiary of Norwegian low carbon services technology firm, Greenstat Hydrogen, to jointly develop green hydrogen solutions for the Indian power market. "PTC India and Greenstat Hydrogen India have entered into a MoU with the purpose of joint development of green hydrogen solutions. 

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