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21 February 2023

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Today's Top Nordic Green News:
  • Taxing farming vital for Denmark's climate target - government adviser
  • Swedish Stirling, backed by Daniel Ek, is shutting down
  • 1KOMMA5° acquires the Finnish solar energy company LP-Solar Oy
Taxing farming vital for Denmark's climate target - government adviser

Denmark should aim to reduce beef and dairy production by levying an emissions tax on farming of DKK 750/tonne ($108/tonne) in order to reach its climate targets, according to the Danish Climate Council, the government's independent adviser. The new government said in December it sees an emissions tax on farming as crucial to achieving a binding target of reducing CO2 emissions by 70% of 1990 levels by 2030. If no new policies are introduced, farming in Denmark is expected to account for around 40% of emissions in 2030, the council says. The sector currently accounts for 28% of emissions, according to Statistics Denmark. A carbon tax of DKK 750/tonne would be similar to the level for other industries which was agreed by parliament in June last year, though a farming lobby group has warned it would lead to a wave of bankruptcies among farmers.


Swedish Stirling, backed by Daniel Ek, is shutting down

Swedish Stirling, a company that received more than SEK 100 million from Daniel Ek, a founder of Spotify, is shutting down after failing to secure enough funding to continue operations. The company aimed to produce a Stirling engine that could convert industrial waste heat into electricity, reducing emissions and providing a more sustainable source of power. Despite significant interest and some successful pilots, the company was unable to secure the necessary financing and will now be liquidated.


1KOMMA5° acquires the Finnish solar energy company LP-Solar Oy

Swedish renewable energy company, 1KOMMA5° has acquired Finnish solar energy company LP Solar Oy, its second acquisition in the Finnish solar market. LP Solar Oy is a provider of solar power solutions for homes and businesses, and the acquisition is expected to strengthen 1KOMMA5°'s ability to offer sustainable energy solutions to its customers. 

“The new acquisition gives us energy, muscle and capital to gear up and accelerate the transition. Our ambition now is to establish ourselves in more cities and become the largest solar cell installer within households on the Finnish market,” says Lauri Paananen, CEO, LP-Solar Oy.


Lindab broadens its range of CO2-reduced steel

Lindab, a Swedish manufacturer of building materials, is expanding its range of products that use low-carbon steel, adding exterior wall grids and roof hoods to the range. The low-carbon steel is made using 75% recycled material and 100% renewable energy, meaning it has 70% less climate impact than traditional steel. The move is part of Lindab's broader commitment to sustainability and reducing carbon emissions in the construction industry.

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Pilot project to demonstrate stable and reliable power from offshore wind

ABB is partnering to develop an innovative offshore wind power project in the North Sea, called Deep Purple. The pilot will initially demonstrate that it is possible to produce green hydrogen from intermittent renewable sources such as offshore wind using water electrolysis and to store the hydrogen for use to produce electricity again using a fuel cell when the power is needed.

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