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17 March 2023

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Today's Top Nordic Green News:
  • TECO 2030 unlocks NOK 50 million grant from Innovation Norway to power the green transition in the maritime industry
  • European Commission announces initiatives to accelerate renewable hydrogen industry
  • Finnfund sells its stake in Africa's largest wind farm to BlackRock, as farm exceeds expectations 
TECO 2030 unlocks NOK 50 million grant from Innovation Norway to power the green transition in the maritime industry

Norway’s TECO 2030 has unlocked a NOK 50 million grant from Innovation Norway, which was awarded in October 2021 to boost the deployment of its proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell technology in applications for the shipping and heavy-duty industry. Tore Enger, group CEO of TECO 2030, said the grant would accelerate the development and deployment of its fuel cells and the industrialisation of the production facility in Narvik. The PEM technology can help reduce emissions from the maritime sector and at the same time provide more jobs requiring higher education in the region, said Monica Ahyee, regional director, Innovation Norway Nordland.

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European Commission announces initiatives to accelerate renewable hydrogen industry

The European Commission has presented initiatives aimed at accelerating and scaling up the renewable hydrogen industry, including identifying electrolysers as a strategic net zero technology and setting a target of meeting at least 40% of the EU’s annual electrolyser manufacturing deployment needs by 2030 with electrolysers made in Europe. The package also includes a proposal for a "Critical Raw Materials Act" and the highly anticipated "Hydrogen Bank", with a first pilot auction set to launch in the autumn of 2023. Nel ASA's CEO, Håkon Volldal, welcomed the initiatives and said the company is committed to adding capacity where the market needs it.

Finnfund sells its stake in Africa's largest wind farm to BlackRock, as farm exceeds expectations

Finnish development financier and impact investor, Finnfund, is selling its stake in Africa's largest wind farm, the Lake Turkana Wind Power (LTWP), to BlackRock's Climate Finance Partnership. The wind farm covers about 14% of Kenya's current electricity needs and was connected to the national grid in 2018. Finnfund's deputy director, Helena Teppana, says the wind farm has exceeded expectations in many ways, including a utilisation rate of around 60% annually, compared to 20-30% in Europe. The sale requires the fulfilment of a few preconditions, but the return paid by the company and transaction sum together correspond to more than twice the capital investment made by Finnfund.

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Norwegian Hydrogen collaborates on green liquid biogas production with GrønGas and Jens Peter Lunden

Norwegian Hydrogen, energy entrepreneur Jens Peter Lunden and Danish GrønGas have entered into a collaboration on wind power, electrolysis and liquid biogas. The partnership will see the establishment of Grøn Brint ApS, a 50/50 joint venture owned by Norwegian Hydrogen and Jens Peter Lunden. The company will own and operate electrolysis plants for the production of green hydrogen primarily for use towards the production of liquid biogas, which will start as early as 2023. The collaboration will utilise an innovative technology developed by GrønGas, where green hydrogen is used directly in the production of liquid biogas. The parties have ambitions to expand the collaboration to include other opportunities in the production of hydrogen and other e-fuels, based on wind power, with several large projects under planning.

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Klarna launches label for Conscious Brands in electronics, evaluating environmental performance with Clarity AI

Klarna, a Swedish fintech firm with 150 million users globally, has launched a new label in its app for "conscious brands" in the electronics industry. Klarna partnered with Clarity AI to create the world's first evaluation of electronics brands' environmental performance, giving users data on topics including greenhouse gas emissions and renewable energy usage. Brands can earn up to five different labels depending on their progress in sustainability. 

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