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17 March 2022

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Microsoft to build data centre region in Finland

The US technology giant recently announced that they will build a new data centre region in Helsinki. In addition, Fortum and Microsoft have announced a unique collaboration project, whereby Fortum will capture the excess heat generated by the data centre region. Microsoft’s new data centre will use 100% emission-free electricity and Fortum will transfer the clean heat from the server cooling process to homes, services and business premises connected to its district heating system. Once the new data centre region’s waste heat capture is put into operation, about 60% of the area’s heating will be generated by climate-friendly waste heat. 

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Agoro Carbon Alliance to split from parent company, Yara

US-based agricultural carbon offset firm Agoro Carbon Alliance on Wednesday announced it will be officially carved out from Norwegian fertiliser company Yara.

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Minesto publishes year-end report 2021

For 2021, Minesto reported that revenues amounted to SEK 41.8 million and consisted mainly of capitalised work for its own account of SEK 38.7 million. The company reported an operating loss of SEK 20.1 million. The negative result is attributable to business development administration around technology development and includes, among other things, personnel costs and consultants. Cash flow amounted to SEK 45.3 million and shareholders’ equity on the balance sheet date amounted to SEK 537 million. 

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