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16 June 2022

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Sweden plans big investment to expand offshore wind power

Sweden’s grid operator, Svenska kraftnät, plans to build six offshore connection points off the coast of Sweden at. cost of up to SEK 40 billion. The intent is to create conditions for connecting up to 40 TWh of new offshore electricity production, opening up for a large-scale expansion of offshore wind power and contributing to reduced electricity prices and increased electrification of industry and the transport sector.

According to the plans, the six sea-based connection points will be located off the south coast of Skåne and the coast of Halland, respectively, as well as in the southeastern Baltic Sea, the northern North Sea, the southern Bothnian Sea and the Gulf of Bothnia. It should be possible to connect several offshore wind farms to each point free of charge. 

“Now is the start of a new phase and historic expansion of Sweden's electricity supply. By expanding the national transmission network to the sea, we create the conditions for expanding offshore wind power on a very large scale and which will be of great importance to be able to meet society's increased need for electricity,” said Daniel Gustafsson, Head of Power Systems, Svenska kraftnät.

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Aker Carbon Capture hoping for UK order

Aker Carbon Capture (ACC) is among those selected to contribute technology to a capture plant for CO₂ at the Keadby 3 gas power plant in the British Humber region, capturing up to 1.5 Mt of CO₂ per year. A formal contract will probably be signed shortly, according to the company. ACC writes that the developers SSE Thermal and Equinor have commissioned an engineering study (FEED) from a consortium consisting of Aker Solutions, Siemens Energy and Doosan Babcock, and that Aker Carbon Capture will be responsible for the actual capture technology.


European Energy will build Latvia's largest solar park

European Energy has announced its plans to build its first project in Latvia. This is a solar park of 110 MW, which is scheduled to be connected to the electricity grid in 2024.


Agder Energi to build Norway's largest solar park

Agder Energi has entered into a partnership with BTG Solenergi to establish what could be Norway's largest solar power plant in Agder. The concept is to combined the power generation with sheep grazing.


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