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15 May 2023

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Today's Top Nordic Green News:
  • Norway proposes zero-emission requirements for ferries and fast boats to reduce transport sector emissions
  • America's First Solar acquires Uppsala-based company Evolar
  • Swedish Armed Forces oppose wind power plans in Puostijärvi
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Norway proposes zero-emission requirements for ferries and fast boats to reduce transport sector emissions

The Norwegian Ministry of Transport and Communications has released proposals for new zero-emission requirements for ferries and fast boats in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the transport sector. The aim is to achieve the ambitious climate goals set under the Paris Agreement. The proposals suggest introducing zero-emission requirements for ferries as soon as possible and for high-speed boats starting from January 1, 2025. Exceptions and allowances are also proposed to ensure effective implementation. Contracts announced after the specified dates would be subject to the requirements, and ships operating on liquefied natural gas (LNG) before the implementation can be exempted if they switch to biogas. These measures are crucial for further emission reductions and technological advancements in the transportation industry to meet climate targets.

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America's First Solar acquires Uppsala-based company Evolar

First Solar, an American solar energy company, has purchased Uppsala-based company Evolar in a significant acquisition. Evolar specialises in developing perovskite solar cells that generate 25% more energy compared to traditional solar panels. The deal, valued at over SEK 800 million, has caused First Solar's stock to surge by over 20 percent on Wall Street. The acquisition aligns with First Solar's commitment to research and development and marks their first research facility in Europe. Evolar's research activities will continue in Uppsala, and the transaction is seen as a positive move for advancing Evolar's technology in the solar energy sector.


Swedish Armed Forces oppose wind power plans in Puostijärvi

The Swedish Armed Forces have expressed opposition to the construction of wind turbines in Puostijärvi, Övertorneå municipality, near the Finnish border. The proposed plans for 42 wind turbines, standing at a total height of 300 metres, have raised concerns about potential harm to national defence interests covered by secrecy. The project is being spearheaded by PNE Sverige, a company specialising in the development of land-based wind and solar power parks.


Supermodel Cara Delevingne in Vattenfall video to promote green hydrogen

The sweet smell of (no) carbon – Supermodel Cara Delevigne has teamed up with Swedish utility Vattenfall to promote the benefits of green hydrogen in a video for "Industrial Emissions Face Mist". In the video Delevigne sashays through plumes of water mist, demonstrating that green hydrogen is an emissions-free process that produces only water as a by-product. 

Fluxys Belgium and Sweco collaborate on hydrogen and carbon dioxide infrastructure development 

Infrastructure company Fluxys Belgium is making preparations to transport hydrogen and carbon dioxide, and has commissioned Sweco to conduct feasibility and preliminary studies for expanded infrastructure in the Belgian cities Ghent and Antwerp. The ports of Ghent and Antwerp are expected to play important roles as European hubs in the energy transition. Sweco will also be responsible for analysing, designing and estimating costs for about 70 km of infrastructure, as well as conducting environmental impact assessments and safety coordination. The Belgian government is providing financial support for the project through various funds, aiming to develop at least 150 km of hydrogen and carbon dioxide infrastructure in the country. Sweco's assignment, which started in October 2022, is scheduled to conclude in January 2024, with the first hydrogen and/or carbon dioxide connections expected to be operational in 2026.

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Application for environmental permit: LKAB's path to zero-emissions steel and critical raw material access

LKAB has submitted a significant environmental permit application, marking a crucial step in the company's transformation in the Gällivare municipality in Sweden. The application encompasses the establishment of HYBRIT's first demonstration plant and a new apatite plant, alongside ongoing mining and processing operations. This milestone not only aims to reduce emissions in the iron and steel industry but also secure access to critical raw materials for climate change efforts. LKAB's ambitious transition plan involves achieving carbon dioxide-free operations by 2045, with the HYBRIT process, based on hydrogen, being tested at an industrial scale. The application signals a major opportunity for Gällivare's future development and the production of zero-emissions steel.

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Stenkalle's Foundation: Värmland's largest wind farm takes shape

Stenkalle's foundation, a wind farm project in Lake Vänern in Sweden, is poised to become Värmland's largest wind farm and a unique venture as it is built in a lake. With plans to construct up to 20 wind turbines standing at 180 metres high and producing a combined output of 100MW, the project has received the green light after a two-year pause and is now progressing with the construction of a power line for electricity transport. Owned by Norwegian companies Cloudberry Clean Energy and Norwegian Hafslund, Stenkalle's foundation is expected to commence construction in 2024 following an investment decision in December 2023, with an estimated cost of around SEK 1 billion.


ReFuels launches IPO to revolutionise Europe's truck fleet with green filling stations

ReFuels, a company focused on reducing carbon dioxide emissions from Europe's truck fleet through green filling stations, has made its initial public offering (IPO) on Euronext Growth Oslo. The company aims to develop a network of reliable and convenient stations offering renewable biomethane (biogas) fuels for heavy trucks, with plans to expand into hydrogen and electricity. By the end of 2025, ReFuels plans to have 30-40 stations across the UK and aims to become Europe's leading integrated supplier of alternative fuels for commercial fleets. While the biogas market has seen challenges, the growing demand suggests potential winners in the industry.


GoZero introduces new AI-based recycling service for businesses in Sweden

GoZero is a newly launched national recycling service that utilises AI technology to facilitate rational and systematic recycling for businesses. With an increasing focus on sustainability and EU regulations driving the development of environmentally responsible practices, GoZero aims to fill the gap in the market for a large-scale recycling service tailored to companies. By offering a user-friendly digital platform, GoZero enables businesses to inventory and register unused items, providing options to sell, give away or purchase reusable materials. The AI-based system matches available resources with those in need, eliminating the need for costly intermediate storage facilities. 

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Nordic ministers prioritise international climate work and cooperation

Nordic Ministers for Environment and Climate convened in Borgarfjörður, Iceland, to discuss various topics related to climate work. The meeting focused on international forums, negotiation, and key issues such as green shipping corridors, carbon capture and storage, global plastic negotiations, climate adaptation and the upcoming COP28 climate negotiations. The Nordic countries emphasised the importance of raising ambition levels and strengthening language in international climate and environmental negotiations, highlighting the significance of Nordic cooperation in achieving these goals. They also discussed the EU's "Fit for 55" legal package and the implementation of green shipping routes as part of their commitment to decarbonize the Nordic shipping sector. Climate adaptation solutions, carbon dioxide collection and storage, and the need for green energy were also addressed, with the aim of sharing Nordic experiences and methods globally.

The green shipping corridors aim to accelerate the adoption of emission-free fuel in the shipping industry by providing infrastructure and support for zero-emission crossings. However, two main obstacles stand in the way: the availability of fuel and the cost gap between zero-emission ships and conventional vessels. To overcome these challenges, active participation from authorities, including rule changes and financial support, will be crucial. 

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Cooperation agreement signed to replicate Danish GreenLab in the US

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs' Trade Council in North America has signed a cooperation agreement with Danish GreenLab and American SixCo to promote long-term cooperation on climate initiatives. Americans are interested in replicating the success of GreenLab, a green industrial park developer, and collaborating with SixCo, an organisation focused on infrastructure projects in industry and trade. The agreement aims to foster a partnership in addressing environmental challenges and advancing sustainable solutions.


Green North Energy completes concept for green hydrogen and ammonia production plant in Naantali in Finland 

Green North Energy has reached a significant milestone with the completion of its production plant concept for green hydrogen and ammonia in Naantali. The project, which triples in size from its original plan, aims to contribute to Finland's supply security and green transition. The scalable plant, with a planned capacity of 280 MW and an investment amount of EUR 580 million, will play a crucial role in producing renewable fuels and chemicals, replacing harmful fossil fuels and generating job opportunities. The company has already secured several letters of intent, and production is scheduled to commence in 2026, marking a significant step forward in Finland's renewable energy sector.


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