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14 June 2022

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Scandinavian Biogas shares soar after big agreement:

Scandinavian Biogas' shares soared 43% on Monday, after the First North-listed gas company secured a new agreement for long-term deliveries with Alternoil. The agreement applies to the supply of liquid biogas (Bio-LNG) which is to be included in a climate-neutral vehicle fuel that is distributed on the German transport market. The order volumes amount to 8,000 tonnes during the construction phase in 2024, ramping up to 11,500 tonnes (160 GWh) per year from 2025 to 2030.

Dagens industri

TECO 2030 launches hydrogen tanker concept with partners, Hy-Ekotank

2030 launches hydrogen-powered tanker boat concept, Hy-Ekotank, together with partners Ektank AB, Shell Shipping and Maritime, and DNV. The hydrogen-powered tanker will cut all emissions in connection with port activity, and up to 100% of GHGs  emissions during sailing.

Press release

Large increase in Danish energy consumption in 2021

In 2021, energy consumption for the Danish economy increased by 8.1%, the largest increase in energy consumption since 2006. The increase is a rebound after the large decline due to COVID-19, and means that 2021’s demand was just 3.5% lower than 2019. Household energy consumption increased by 4.8%. and thus exceeded consumption in 2019 by 0.6%. Energy consumption for companies, excluding international transport, increased by 7.2%.

Danmarks Statistik

Alfa Laval joins the Hydrogen Council

The Hydrogen Council is a global CEO-led initiative by companies that have long-term goals to develop the use of hydrogen and to promote the transition to clean energy. Alfa Laval has announced that it will join.


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