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13 June 2022

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Danish offshore wind to increase 5x in 8 years

In a new proposal, the Danish government proposes that the Danish offshore wind capacity be expanded to be able to produce another 4GW of electricity in 2030, equivalent to producing enough electricity to supply 15 million European households. Overall the proposal should ensure a fivefold increase in the current extraction of marine energy, creating precursors for new green business ventures in the production of the fuels of the future for aircraft, ships and trucks.

Decisions have already been made to expand offshore wind from the current 2.3 GW to 8.9 GW by 2030. In connection with the initiative "Denmark can do more II" and the large North Sea agreement with Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium, the government announced that it would examine the possibility of building an additional 1-4 GW by 2030. Now it intends to offer 4 GW, provided that this does not require State Aid (which would put it at risk of falling foul of the EU Commission). Only around 15% of the additional 10.6GW of production has been secured, which means that for the remainder there is a need to both find locations and make commercial offers.

The Minister of Climate and Energy Dan Jørgensen commented “Denmark must have far more offshore wind than we have today. We must do this because we must become free of Putin's gas.

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Ørsted to capture and store 400,000 tonnes of carbon by 2025

From 2025, Ørsted will be capturing and storing 400,000 tonnes of carbon a year, based on Ørsted’s newest straw- and wood chip-fired combined heat and power (CHP) plants. Ørsted is planning to establish carbon capture at its wood chip-fired Asnæs Power Station in Kalundborg on western Zealand and at the Avedøre Power Station’s straw-fired boiler in the Greater Copenhagen area. The technology and logistics for handling and storing carbon from the two CHP plants are in place, and if financial support is obtained from the current tender for carbon capture and storage, Ørsted can be ready as early as 2025, which is also the objective of the political agreement on carbon capture and storage (CCS).

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REC Silicon - REC Silicon and Ferroglobe Announce MOU for Solar Supply Chain Expansion to expand U.S. production of polysilicon and metallurgical grade silicon

REC Silicon and Ferroglobe have announced a Memorandum of Understanding committing the companies to negotiate a raw material supply agreement and establish a low-carbon and fully traceable U.S.-based solar supply chain. Recent investment by South Korea's Hanwha Group into REC Silicon, in conjunction with Hanwha's subsidiary Qcells, has sparked the impetus to expand REC's long- standing relationship with Ferroglobe, one of the world's largest producers of silicon, and plans for the immediate development of an end-to-end U.S. solar supply chain from raw silicon, to polysilicon, and finally fully assembled modules. The impact of such investment would span from Washington State, to Georgia, West Virginia, and beyond.

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Fuel cell system from PowerCell on board the world's first fuel cell electric dumper prototype

A fuel cell system from PowerCell Sweden is responsible for powering the world's first hydrogen-electric and completely emission-free dumper prototype built by Volvo Construction Equipment. The dump truck is the result of a research project which also included RISE Research Institutes of Sweden and FFI, a collaboration between Vinnova, the Swedish Transport Administration and the Swedish Energy Agency. The six-wheeled vehicle weighs 35 tonnes and can be refuelled with 12 kg of hydrogen in 7.5 minutes, which is sufficient for 4 hours of driving. 

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Vattenfall to recycle wind turbine blades as skis, snowboards and solar farms

Vattenfall has committed to recycling all dismantled wind turbine blades by 2030 and is lining up a range of partnerships that will see turbine blades turned into skis, snowboards, and construction materials for solar farms. Given an interim target to recycle 50% of its dismantled wind turbine blades by 2025 and 100% by 2030, Vattenfall recently highlighted the varied ways its turbine blades are contributing to a new circular economy.

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Caidio raises $1.5 million for its AI quality assurance solutions to reduce CO2 emissions from concrete production

Finnish startup, Caidio with data-driven and AI-powered digital quality assurance solutions for concrete construction has collected $1.5M from investors including ADB Ventures, MiraclePlus, AINS Ventures, HBG Invest, and Random Ventures in a seed round, to provide growth capital to change the way of concrete production starting in Asia. One of the ideas is to use recycled concrete instead of brand new aggregates since crushed concrete is a waste material. Caidio helps concrete producers utilize recycled concrete and other aggregates by offering a digital quality control solution where producers are provided with precise data on the used raw materials for producing homogenous concrete.

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