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10 May 2023

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Today's Top Nordic Green News:
  • Glocal Green Innlandet to establish Norway's first biomethanol factory in Gudbrandsdalen
  • Fredrikstad Municipality strengthens position as Norway's circular capital through collaboration with NCCE
Glocal Green Innlandet to establish Norway's first biomethanol factory in Gudbrandsdalen

Glocal Green Innlandet, a subsidiary of Glocal Green, plans to establish one of Norway's first biomethanol factories in Øyer, Gudbrandsdalen. The company aims to produce 100,000 tons of liquid biomethanol annually from residual materials from the forestry and fishing industries. The biomethanol, derived from renewable sources, will serve as a green and circular alternative to fossil methanol. The Gudbrandsdalen region in Innlandet is chosen for its abundance of unused resources, especially the tops and branches of trees, which constitute around 30% of the forest biomass. Moreover, Glocal Green plans to double its methanol production by incorporating hydrogen boosting from electrolysis using renewable energy sources.

Glocal Green has formed strategic alliances with technology suppliers, contractors and biomass producers to create economically sustainable supply chains for biological waste and residual materials. The establishment of the biomethanol factory is supported by public funding and local investments. The company intends to meet the increasing global demand for methanol, particularly in shipping and chemical industries, while contributing to the green transition. 

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Swedish Government tasks Energy Agency with coordinating hydrogen integration for sustainable energy transition

The Swedish government has assigned the Energy Agency (Sw. Energimyndigheten) to coordinate the implementation of hydrogen-related initiatives in the country. The goal is to explore the various applications, production methods, distribution networks and storage solutions for hydrogen, with a focus on integrating it into the energy system. Sweden aims to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2045 and views hydrogen as a key component in this transition. The Energy Agency will build upon a national hydrogen strategy report presented to the government in 2021. The assignment involves defining frameworks, determining the agency's role, and examining the long-term development and monitoring of hydrogen initiatives. This coordinated effort aims to facilitate an efficient and sustainable integration of hydrogen into the Swedish energy landscape.

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SEK 50 million funding for research aimed at a more sustainable cement industry

The Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth (Sw. Tillväxtverket) and the EU Fund for a Just Transition have granted over 50 million kronor for six projects focused on advancing the conditions for climate transition in the cement industry. The funded projects will conduct research on materials and production techniques used in cement manufacturing with the goal of achieving emission-free cement production. The funding will also support the industry's competitiveness. The projects will explore carbon capture and storage (CCS), alternative fuels, electrified cement production processes, as well as cement qualities and materials. The funding comes from the EU Fund for a Just Transition, which aims to facilitate climate transition in industries with high carbon emissions while maintaining competitiveness.

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Swedish Clean Motion wins tender for "last mile delivery" solution in Saudi Arabia

Clean Motion, a Swedish company specialising in sustainable urban vehicles, has successfully won a procurement in Saudi Arabia for a comprehensive "last mile delivery" solution. The contract includes the adaptation of Clean Motion's EVIG electric vehicles, specially designed trailers, and customised trolleys. The company's winning tender, amounting to SEK 20.1 million, has led to the signing of a framework agreement for the delivery. Clean Motion will provide 25 vehicles, 20 trailers and 600 trolleys, with plans to implement the solution in January 2024. 

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Plannja partners with Sandahls Logistik for greener deliveries, targeting 60% reduction in CO2 emissions

Plannja, a Swedish sheet metal product manufacturer, has partnered with Swedish logistic company Sandahls Logistik to make its deliveries more environmentally friendly. With the majority of Sandahls' trucks running on biogas, the collaboration aims to reduce CO2 emissions by 60% in Plannja's external transport. The switch to a greener logistics partner is part of Plannja's sustainability efforts, aligning with their goal to decrease total carbon dioxide emissions by 25% by 2025/2026. Sandahls Logistik aims to have all its trucks powered by fossil-free fuels by 2025. The collaboration contributes to a more sustainable construction industry.

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Sustainable Energy Solutions Sweden Holding joins Green Alliance to expand presence in Spain

Sustainable Energy Solutions Sweden Holding (SENS) has announced its participation in the Sweden + Spain Green Alliance to expand its presence and investment in Spain. SENS aims to capitalise on business opportunities related to green and sustainable energy storage systems in the Spanish market. The initiative facilitates knowledge sharing and highlights business opportunities in sustainable projects, fostering collaborations between Swedish and Spanish companies.

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Fossil-free glue successfully enables sustainable plywood and building elements

Rise, Isotimber, Moelven and Stora Enso have collaborated on a project involving lignin-based glue, achieving positive results. The successful tests have paved the way for scaling up the production of fossil-free plywood and building elements. The project not only demonstrated the possibility of manufacturing high-performance boards and elements with a fossil-free adhesive but also met the demanding requirements of industrial manufacturing. Stora Enso's Neoligno, a fossil-free glue, played an important role in the project's success. 

Additionally, the project focused on circularity, evaluating the potential for recycling fossil-free building elements with promising outcomes. Lignin, an organic polymer found in trees and other plants, serves as a natural binder and provides protection against decay.

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Fredrikstad Municipality strengthens position as Norway's circular capital through collaboration with NCCE

Norwegian Fredrikstad Municipality has entered into a three-year cooperation agreement with the Norwegian Center for the Circular Economy (NCCE) to strengthen its position as Norway's circular capital. The agreement includes a financial grant of NOK 1,500,000 from the municipality to NCCE. The collaboration aims to drive circular change, create green jobs and enhance the competitiveness of companies in the region. 

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Norwegian Hexagon Purus reports 53% increase in turnover and positive outlook for 2023

Hexagon Purus, a Norwegian hydrogen and battery company, experienced a significant increase in turnover, rising by 53% to reach 244 million in the first quarter of 2023 compared to the same period last year. Despite reporting a pre-tax loss of NOK 155 million, the company remains optimistic due to strong demand and an order reserve of approximately NOK 1.2 billion. Hexagon Purus recently secured an agreement with Japanese Hino Motors for the supply of battery packs, which is expected to contribute significantly to their financial performance. They anticipate a minimum 50% increase in turnover for the entire year of 2023.

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Arcadia eFuels partners with Sasol and Topsoe for first commercial eFuels plant in Denmark

Arcadia eFuels has selected Sasol and Topsoe as technology providers for its first commercial eFuels plant in Vordingborg, Denmark. The plant is expected to produce approximately 100 million litres of eFuels per year. The agreement, represented by a single licence agreement, signifies a significant milestone for the project and precedes Arcadia's final investment decision. The eFuels produced by the plant will help meet the demand for low-carbon alternatives in the aviation industry, aiming to achieve the European Union mandate of 1.2% RFNBO (Renewable Fuels of non-Biological Origin) or eFuels by 2030. 

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Surging green transition projects in Ostrobothnia, Finland overwhelm ELY Centres and drive environmental assessments

The green transition projects in Ostrobothnia, Finland, have exceeded expectations, leading to a significant increase in the number of environmental assessment reports. The region is experiencing a surge in wind farm, battery and hydrogen projects, causing congestion in the The Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY centres) of Southern Ostrobothnia. As a result, additional staff have been hired from both internal and external sources to handle the evaluations. The number of projects requiring environmental impact assessments has grown considerably, including smaller projects like biogas and solar power plants. 

The increase in projects is attributed to the national goal of achieving energy self-sufficiency and the desire to move away from fossil fuels. New technologies such as offshore wind power and the hydrogen industry present additional challenges for both project operators and the ELY centres. The complexity of hybrid projects combining different renewable energy sources and hydrogen production adds to the difficulties in conducting environmental impact assessments. The ELY centre is also facing challenges with the timetables of consulting offices responsible for the assessments due to labour shortages.


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