2013-01-25 13:32Press release

Mercuri International launches new course in social media and sales

The global sales consultancy Mercuri International is launching a new open course in how to use social media in sales.

- The changes in customers’ buying behaviour must be mirrored in the sales process. Too many companies have not yet incorporated social media in their sales process and do not use its full potential to find new customers, says Rickard Cox, marketing manager and senior consultant at Mercuri International Sweden.

The one-day course covers topics such as the changing buying process, the sales department’s digital journey, what digital sales work is and how to connect the customer portfolio to social media.

The course ”Social Media Selling” is part of Mercuri International Business School (MIBS), open courses for Sales People, Sales Managers, Key Account Managers, and Customer Service, and will take place in Stockholm April 11 2013 and in Gothenburg September 19.


Rickard Cox, marketing manager, consultant and partner Mercuri International Sweden

Email: rickard.cox@mercuri.se

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