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Kazakhstan Advocates Neutral Geopolitical Position

This press release presents an overview of significant events over the past week in the Republic of Kazakhstan.
1) Kazakhstan Favors Neutrality in Current Geopolitical Situation, Says Tokayev
Kazakhstan chooses to stay neutral in the current geopolitical situation, Kazakh President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev said during his meeting with the public on 27 September. 
“In this difficult situation, Kazakhstan takes a neutral position when voting in international organizations, primarily the United Nations (UN). It is in line with our national interests. For us, the most important thing is the territorial integrity and the well-being of our people,” said the President.
Tokayev added that the country’s territorial integrity must be unshakable. Tokayev also spoke about the increasing number of people arriving from neighboring Russia following the partial mobilization announced early last week. He stressed that keeping good relations with the neighbors is imperative for preserving peace in the region.
He said that Kazakhstan would negotiate with the Russian side and that the arriving people would receive support but would not be granted any preferences. “The strength of our people is in unity, prudence, and tolerance. If we do not adhere to these values, our country is in great danger,” Tokayev noted.
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2) Kazakhstan’s Continues to Adhere to Balanced Foreign Policy, Says Tokayev 
A balanced and constructive foreign policy for Kazakhstan is in the nation’s best interests, said President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev in his address to the public in Shymkent on 27 September.
“In addition to the development of mutually beneficial ties with all interested states around the world, whether in Asia, the Middle East or the European continent. I am certain that such a foreign policy is in the interest of our nation,” President Tokayev said. 
In his address, the President highlighted that Kazakhstan’s interests are at the center of the country’s efforts on the international arena.
“We will fight for the supremacy of international law and the UN Charter. Strengthening the principles of justice in international relations, non-interference in internal affairs, and respect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the state are of paramount importance for us,” he said.
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3) President Tokayev Outlines Five Priorities For Kazakhstan’s Digital Transformation at Digital Bridge Forum in Astana
According to Tokayev, in developing services for citizens the government should take a human-centered approach where digital technologies provide equal opportunities for everyone. To do this, the country will introduce a new format of public services dubbed as the Invisible Government. “It will be centered on a single person, her or his needs and interests. The citizens will see only the final result bypassing a wide range of internal measures and decisions taken by the state,” Tokayev said.
“We have created the Astana Hub for IT start-ups with a special tax and visa regime. Now more than 900 companies operating at the local and international markets are part of the hub,” Tokayev said.
Digitalization is impossible without a modern and developed infrastructure, one that extends to rural areas. Tokayev stressed that the large-scale modernization of the country’s IT infrastructure should be the third priority.
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4) Turkistan Region Offers Significant Investment Opportunities
The Turkistan Region has witnessed a 1.5-fold increase in industry and agriculture since 2019, said President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev during his meeting with the region’s public on Sept. 27, reported the presidential press service. The region is a center of attraction for tourists and Turkistan city became a megalopolis with a developed infrastructure in a very short period of time.
President Tokayev indicated that positive changes that have occurred since 2018 when the Turkistan Region was created has given a powerful impetus to the economic development of the entire region. “Holy Turkistan is of special significance to me. I paid my first visit as the head of state right here. Since then, there have been many positive changes,” he told the gathering.
In eight months of 2022, the volume of industrial production in the region reached 534 billion tenge (US$1.1 billion), 125 billion tenge (US$259.7 million) more compared to the same period of 2021. The region is implementing 26 investment projects worth 12.7 billion tenge (US$26.3 million) that are expected to create 936 jobs.
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