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Our vision is an innovative social media platform to make the world a better place.

We live with an imminent climate threat, and a lot of people also with the feeling that we lack in caring for each other. Questions like “where is the world going?” and “how do we get ourselves and people around us to actually contribute to a better world in everyday life?", need answers.

There´s often frustration over how and where to start, no tool to help us. Today´s social media is not doing the job needed in important matters, people's ambition to contribute to actual change is not achieved through existing channels.

GONNA! offers you something unique - the opportunity to make an actual impact on sustainability and also to do good things for people around you, every week, wherever and whenever. Together with our strong partners we´ll publish weekly challenges based on taking pictures within above themes, with the opportunity for you and your friends to win the honor and prizes.

So go ahead and challenge yourself and your friends to change the world, the more you do the more Globes you gain so you can climb the global ranking list, showing you care about making a difference. Each week, all results will be compiled and it will be clear how you and others have influenced the world positively.

GONNA! will use the power of social media´s "like"-activism and turn it into active engagement. That - will generate real change! 

Join our movement today by downloading GONNA! from App Store or Google Play.

Gonna Make an Impact AB is the company behind the GONNA! App.

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