2023-01-11 16:00News


FORCIT Group and Enaex have established a joint venture aiming at meeting the increasing market demand for software and products for sustainable mining operations.

Optimizing mining through digitalization to increase efficiency and to decrease environmental impacts of mining operations is one of the key issues for a sustainable mining industry. The joint venture brings Enaex as a partner in FORCIT Group’s Portuguese subsidiary O-Pitblast, specialized in digital mining software and products, allowing Enaex and FORCIT Group to pool resources and capabilities to enhance digital mining solutions. 

FORCIT Group is a Finnish company with a legacy back to 1893 and consists of three business areas: FORCIT Explosives for civil explosives and related services, FORCIT Consulting offering a wide range of expertise, services and training for construction and excavation and FORCIT Defence, specialized in high class insensitive munitions-based defence systems for global markets.

Enaex is a leading rock fragmentation company founded in 1920, in addition to producing and marketing high explosives and blasting agents, Enaex develops and innovates in key products and technologies for the main mining regions, with a focus on its purpose of "Humanizing the Mining".

O-Pitblast was created in 2016 with the intent of providing leading technology for the world's mining market and is today a consolidated and growing company in mining engineering technology research and development. O-Pitblast offers a wide range of software such as O-PitSurface to optimize excavation, drilling and blasting, O-PitDev to ensure accurate and fast borehole diagnostics and O-PitAnalytics enabling efficient control and management of mining operations.

”This is a natural step in our growth strategy where digitalization is a key component. Partnering with Enaex will increase resources to further develop the O-Pitblast solutions. It will also ensure more diverse insight and knowledge to drive the development forward with the target of providing leading technology for the world's mining market”, says FORCIT Group CEO Joakim Westerlund.

“We have been working with O-Pitblast for a while and this joint venture will allow Enaex to project this partnership in the long term and to continue developing O-Pitblast solutions. This integration will enable us to capture significant synergies in the Drill&Blast process and continue to provide value for our customers”, says Pablo Wallach, VP Innovation & Marketing at Enaex.

About FORCIT Group

FORCIT is the first choice in Nordics for service and knowledge related to blasting, charging and environmental impact assessment, as well as a desired Insensitive Munitions technology partner globally. We have grown our expertise since 1893. FORCIT is built up by three business areas: FORCIT Explosives – the leading partner for civil explosives and related services. FORCIT Consulting – the consulting services partner offering a wide range of expertise, services and training for construction and excavation. FORCIT Defence – a trusted partner for high class insensitive munitions based defence systems for global markets. We co-operate closely with the mining industry and companies in the excavation and construction sectors. FORCIT Defence co-operate with defence forces and the defence industry. FORCITs turnover is appr. 200 million euros.