2023-05-12 10:16News

Changes in FORCIT Group's Leadership Team


Tina Baars has been appointed CFO of FORCIT Group from September 1st 2023.

Tina has extensive CFO experience from several different internationally operating companies, and she has led various multinational and multifunctional teams during her career, incl. procurement, ICT and finance. Tina also possesses a robust track record in Finance Transformations and Mergers & Acquisitions.

We welcome Tina to our growing team!

About FORCIT Group

FORCIT is the first choice in Nordics for service and knowledge related to blasting, charging and environmental impact assessment, as well as a desired Insensitive Munitions technology partner globally. We have grown our expertise since 1893. FORCIT is built up by three business areas: FORCIT Explosives – the leading partner for civil explosives and related services. FORCIT Consulting – the consulting services partner offering a wide range of expertise, services and training for construction and excavation. FORCIT Defence – a trusted partner for high class insensitive munitions based defence systems for global markets. We co-operate closely with the mining industry and companies in the excavation and construction sectors. FORCIT Defence co-operate with defence forces and the defence industry. FORCITs turnover is appr. 220 million euros.