2023-09-07 08:08Press release

Two new Xeen Meister lenses from Samyang

Samyang Xeen MeisterSamyang Xeen Meister

Samyang introduces two additional focal lengths to the professional Xeen Meister cinema lens-series, the new 14mm T2.6 and 24mm T1.3 full-frame cinema lenses.


XEEN Meister boosts a remarkable high resolution and delivers images of pristine clarity and sharpness. The series distinguishes itself by providing a majority of lenses with an impressive T-stop rating of T1.3—offering exceptional capabilities in challenging low-light environments while infusing a cinematic aura into the visual field.


Just like the previous Xeen Meister lenses, the new ones also come with a premium design and materials, featuring a durable titanium front barrel. Its 114mm standard front diameter (134mm for 14mm) and unified gear ring positions simplify the attachment of accessories like matte boxes and follow focus.

With dual-sided scales for focal length and aperture values, and luminous fonts for low-light visibility, you can conveniently verify and operate the lens in any lighting condition. Plus, the lenses offer a wide 300° focus gear rotation for precise focus adjustments. 13 aperture blades create a natural-looking background and a round pleasing bokeh.


All Samyang Xeen Meister lenses are available with PL, Canon EF and Sony E mount.


Pricing and shipping

The new lenses will start to ship in October 2023

Recommended selling price is:

Samyang Xeen Meister 14mm T2.6 PL EUR 6089;-

Samyang Xeen Meister 24mm T1.3 PL EUR 6089;-


For further information, please contact Karsten.rath@focusnordic.com


Key specification

  • High-resolution images with minimal distortion and exceptional clarity
  • Low light performance with T1.3 (14mm T2.6)
  • Smooth bokeh and focus fall-off
  • Precise manual focus & aperture control ring
  • 300° wide angle of focus rotation
  • Consistent color rendering
  • PL mount supports /i Technology protocol


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