2021-11-15 12:00Press release

Smooth videos with Zhiyun´s new gimbal for smartphones

Today we see more and more content is being created with smartphones. It´s a great way for you who want to create fast clips and videos for SoMe. If you want to create stunning videos that pop´s the first rule is to avoid holding your mobile phone in your hand when filming, even if some mobile phones have image stabilization.

It's difficult to get stable videos without it getting shaky and jerky when you hold it in your hand, which is not something further pleasant to watch.


The new gimbal, Smooth 5 from Zhiyun makes cinematic filming with your smartphone possible.


The new Smooth 5 has a smaller size than Smooth 4 but still has much stronger performance with upgraded magnetic steel motors and improved algorithms that makes it easy to shoot in all angles.

The 3-axis design offers free movements from all perspectives even in low and super-wide angles. A wider phone clamp ensures safer and easier filmmaking with most of the smartphones and it's easy to switch between portrait and landscape mode.


On the back of the gimbal is a new intuitively all-in-one designed control panel. With the new design it's easy to control all the gimbals and smartphone settings and movements with just one hand even on the fly.

The telephone clamp has two magnetic mounts for LED lights that are attachable on both sides and together has a brightness of 600 lumens (2x300) and a 95+ CRI.  The LED´s are fully dimmable via the wheels on the control panel.

Just like the recently released Crane M3, there is also the ability to put on magnetic filters that come in four colors to give and can give a cool lightning effect to your videos.


Paired together with the ZY Cami app you can access creative settings like Gesture Control – that starts your recording when you make a special gesture, SmartFollow that follows the subject in frame and Vortex mode that adds an extra dimension to your videos.

In the app you´ll find several more creative settings and easy ways to edit your shots.


The new Smooth 5 can take a Payload up to 320g and has a 4-hour battery runtime with the LED´s attached and set to maximum brightness and 12 hours in normal use without the LED´s attached. Charging time is 2 hours.


Pricing and delivery

The new gimbal Smooth 5 also comes in a package, the Smooth 5 Combo (incl. light, light filters, wrist strap and bag) and will start ship in late November.

Recommended selling price is:
Smooth 5 - EUR 186;-
Smooth 5 Combo - EUR 235;-


For further information, please contact lasse.ericson@focusnordic.se


Key specifications


  • Compact design, yet more powerful
  • Payload of 320g (iPhone 13 Pro Max weighs 240g)
  • Intuitive control panel
  • Easy to get creative shots paired with the ZY Cami app
  • Magnetic mounts for LED lights that are attachable on both sides














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