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Sirui introduces a new line-up of tripods for professional filmmakers

Sirui SVT75Sirui SVT75

Sirui expands its professional range with a new tripod for filmmakers, the Sirui Rapid SVT-75. The new tripod comes in a Pro and one Lite version with several innovative features. The biggest difference compared to a traditional twist-lock or flip-lock tripod is that the SVT-75 features a "one Step" height adjustment design, meaning you only need to pull an ergonomic flip-lock on each leg to set and lock the tripod.


The Sirui rapid latches, made of aluminium, complement the round carbon fibre legs and incorporates user-friendly rubber grips. The tripod weighs 3.5kg (Lite version) without a spreader and boasts an impressive maximum load capacity of 25kg exceeding the needs of most modern camera setups.

The mid-level spreader adds stability and offers versatile adjustment options, attaching cleverly with a hook system. Removing the spreader enables leg locking at wider angles and can take the tripod as low as 21cm above the ground, ideal for low-angle shooting, while also reaching a maximum height of 153cm.

Below the 75mm bowl for the head, 1/4 and 3/8” threads facilitate accessory attachment, such as monitors with articulated arms. The legs feature spikes for unstable terrain and secure rubber feet for flat surfaces, ensuring stability across various shooting conditions. A quick-release half-bowl handle (included in the Pro-version) at the bottom facilitates rapid balancing and easy head removal, transforming the head into a flat-bottomed configuration or attaching it to a slider without requiring tools.


The tripod is a perfect match together with the new SVH15 fluid head which provides stepless pan and tilt adjustments with smooth operation. The counterbalance knob offers seven settings based on camera rig weight, accommodating loads from 4 to 15kg. The pan and tilt locking levers effectively secure both axes in place. The head's 90-degree tilt capability is ideal for top-down shots, and it includes two handles, making it suitable for various operations, especially when using remote lanc controls and follow focuses.

The tripod plate quick-release system is all made of metal and compatible with DJI RS2 / RS3 quick-release plates enabling easy transitions between equipment. Just like the tripod, the head also features 1/4 and 3/8” threads for accessories.


Sirui SVT-75 comes in two versions:


  • Sirui Rapid SVT-75 Pro which includes a mid-spreader, half-bowl quick-release handle and a practical carrying handle. The tripod weighs 4,3kg and can take a payload of 25kg. Maximum height is 153cm.
  • Sirui Rapid SVT-75 Lite weighs 3,5kg and has a payload of 25kg. Maximum height is 153cm.


Pricing and shipping

The new tripods will start to ship in October 2023

Recommended selling price is:

Sirui Pro video tripod kit Rapid SVT-75 Pro + fluid head SVH15 EUR 1289;-

Sirui Pro video tripod kit Rapid SVT-75 Lite + fluid head SVH15 EUR 1179;-


For further information, please contact lasse.ericson@focusnordic.se


Key specifications

  • One Step height adjustment design
  • Payload of 25kg
  • Can go as low as 21cm
  • SVH15 can take loads from 4 to 15kg
  • Multiple 1/4 and 3/8” threads for accessories
  • SVH15 has an operating temperature from -40 to 60

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