2023-09-14 13:00Press release

OWC boosts your workflow with two new Jellyfish NAS products

OWC JellyfishOWC Jellyfish

The Jellyfish is a video-centric NAS and OWC's Jellyfish products have been the first choice of many major and some of the world’s biggest media companies when it comes to storage and ensuring a fast and secure workflow. From the first frame to the last edit, OWC provides an end-to-end workflow and their products are characterized by a plug and play configuration that does not require an IT department for installation and an intuitive user interface.

Today they present no less than two new professional products aimed at small and large production companies, OWC Jellyfish Studio and Jellyfish Nomad.


OWC Jellyfish Studio

The new Studio replaces the popular Jellyfish Mobile and is the perfect tool for a small teams and video-editors on the go. With massive leaps in speed, storage and connectivity the new OWC Jellyfish can speed up your workflow with 3500MB/s of sustained read and write speeds, a capacity of up to 180TB raw SSD storage, 14 direct attached (6x10GbE and 8x1Gbe) ports. With all new upgrades users can share 4K content, documentaries, feature films, episodic content, or massive amounts of social media at every resolution and aspect ratio they can think of.


  • 3500MB/s Sustained Read/Write
  • 24-180TB Raw storage capacity
  • 128GB RAM 12 x High speed SATA SSDs
  • Expandability – up to 14 direct user connections


OWC Jellyfish Nomad

The Jellyfish Nomad is a compact yet formidable solution, meticulously crafted to cater to the needs of DIT’s, independent 3D studios, and mobile editors who demand seamless collaboration and access to a unified media pool for their projects. With an impressive aggregate bandwidth of 6000MB/s, the ability to accommodate user-swappable NVMe drives with capacities reaching up to 64TB, six direct-attached 10GbE ports, and a robust 128GB of RAM, the Jellyfish Nomad effortlessly handles even the most demanding tasks. Whether you're working with RAW files, multi-camera projects, image sequences, or immersive VR content, this powerhouse excels without breaking a sweat. It stands as the ultimate combination of speed, portability, and user-friendliness in shared storage solutions, setting a new standard for editing teams and redefining the art of collaborative work.


  • Ultra Portable – Lightweight silent mobile server
  • Configure – 6 x 10GbE ports included
  • 6,000MB/s – Aggregate bandwidth
  • 16TB, 32TB, 64TB Storage capacity
  • Possible to bring on a plane as a carry-on


Pricing and shipping

The new OWC Jellyfish will start to ship in the end of 2023

Recommended selling price is:

OWC Jellyfish Studio, 48TB (4TB SATA SSD) EUR 24790;-

OWC Jellyfish Nomad 64TB (2X32TB U.2) EUR 37290;-



For further information, please contact Kirstine.lindholm@focusnordic.dk


Key specifications

  • Ensures a fast and secure workflow
  • Huge improvement in speed, storage and connectivity
  • Easy installation
  • Both for portable and desktop workflow

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