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NiSi launches an exciting new range of Cinema lenses

NiSi AthenaNiSi Athena

NiSi is known for producing world-class optics, and now the company is expanding its product line to include a whole new line of professional cinema lenses.


The new NiSi Athena Cinema lens series comes in PL, Sony E and Canon RF-mount and covers the most common focal ranges and consists of five focal lengths: 14, 25, 35, 50 and 85mm. All of the lenses except the 14mm have a super bright aperture of T1.9. The 14mm has an aperture of T2.4.


The lenses are lightweight and designed for use with smaller cinema cameras such as the Sony FX3, Canon R5C or the Red Komodo but thanks to the lenses large image circle of 46 mm, they also cover bigger cameras with a larger sensor such as VistaVision.

They have several unique features such as the same weight throughout the entire range and a drop-in filter mount (E and RF-mount) for a more flexible workflow and creative control.

All lenses in the series weigh as little as 800g (PL-mount). The low and uniform weight and length makes it easy to use the lenses on a gimbal as there is no need to re-balance them.

The aperture and focus rings are matched parts in the same location. They also have the same focus rotation of 300° and the same aperture rotation, so there is no need to adjust the follow focus when changing lenses. A standard 0.8 MOD makes them compatible with a wide range of follow focus.


Another unique feature of the lenses is a propriety drop in filter system for E and RF mount and a rear filter attachment for PL-mount which makes it easy to change filters during production. All lenses except the 14mm also share the same 77mm front filter thread.

The optical construction produces a razor-sharp look with ultra-low chromatic aberration and have been designed to minimize focus breathing. This means that, regardless of the focal length or aperture setting, the change in field of view when adjusting focus from the minimum focus distance to infinity is extremely small. All lenses feature a 10-bladed aperture that produces a soft and pleasing bokeh that easily separates the subject from the background.


Fluorescent focus scales are displayed in both imperial and metric units on the side of the lens for precise focus pulls.

The lenses are available as individual lenses but also as complete kits with all five lenses.


Pricing and delivery

All lenses will start to ship July 2023

NiSi Cine Lens set Athena prime PL-mount EUR 6049;-

NiSi Cine Lens Athena prime 14mm T2.4 E-mount EUR 1399;-

NiSi Cine Lens Athena prime 85mm T1.9 E-mount EUR 1299;-


For further information, please contact lasse.ericson@focusnordic.se


Key specifications

  • Extreme lightweight construction
  • Same weight and length throughout the entire series
  • Covers 46mm sensor
  • Rear drop-in filter for Sony E and Canon RF-mount
  • Super bright aperture of T1.9


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