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New innovative products for hunting at Focus Nordic


More and more people take an interest in hunting. It is a popular way to spend time and discover nature. Besides being a recreational activity, hunting is also vital for wildlife management and keeps nature at a healthy balance. Focus Nordic is now expanding its product portfolio with the innovative and world-leading brand of night vision and thermal equipment, Hikmicro.


“We see an increased demand for innovative high-end products for hunting. Hikmicro meets this demand very well and at the same time, it complements our existing range of sport optics in a great way” says Hans Bergquist, Product Manager and responsible for Hikmicro at Focus Nordic.


If you are going to hunt at night or at low light at dawn and dusk, you need good quality night vision and thermal equipment adapted for the conditions. At night it is dark in the forest and not entirely easy to see animals moving, even if the moon is shining. With good night vision equipment, the whole thing becomes much easier. See the world in a new way with Hikmicro.


In Hikmicro's product range at Focus Nordic you will find most of what you need for a successful hunt:


  • Thermal monoculars
  • Thermal binoculars
  • Thermal rifle scopes
  • Thermal clip-ons
  • Night vision rifle scopes
  • Night vision clip-ons


Hikmicro's night vision and thermal optical products come with a robust, durable state-of-the-art design and the latest in advanced technological innovations.


The Hikmicro product range is made to be used in the toughest conditions and produces a razor-sharp detail reproduction with a clear and detailed picture even in complete darkness. The products come with innovative features such as picture-in-picture, digital zoom, Wi-Fi hot spot for connecting to a smartphone and much more.

Along with the Hikmicro products comes a comprehensive app designed for outdoor devices. It is an all-in-one solution that supports picture and video preview and download, remote control, browse and download, real time screen and picture sharing, and firmware updates.


Focus Nordic will sell Hikmicro exclusively for the Swedish and Icelandic market.


Hikmicros products are available for immediate shipping.


For further information, please contact hans.bergquist@focusnordic.se



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