2023-09-07 12:00Press release

Nanlite expands its line-up with a new lighting series

Nanlite FC seriesNanlite FC series

Nanlite continues to expand its range of products for creators, photographers and professional filmmakers. Previously, they have had the Forza series that is aimed more at professional use and the FS series for enthusiast. Today they introduce the new FC series, which is a new series of LED lights with several professional features but at a more budget-friendly price. The first in the series is the Nanlite FC-300B/500B which inherits several of the functions from its counterparts in the Forza series.


Both LED´s boost a stunning output with 37340 lux@1m for FC-300B with reflector at 5600K and 65640 lux@1m for FC-500B with reflector. The surface of the COB is equipped with glass protection to ensure professional performance.

FC-300B/500B have a wide color temperature range of 2700K-6500K, with two output modes built in. The Maximum Output Mode ensures to output the maximum brightness for the chosen color temperature, fully releasing the performance of the light. The Constant Output Mode guarantees consistent brightness across the entire CCT range.

Both LED´s has an average CRI/TLCI value of 96/98 which means that the lights can offer true-to-life color rendition with great accuracy.


Just like the other lights from Nanlite, the FC series comes with Bowens mount which gives you access to Nanlite's wide range of light shapers but also makes it easy to mount light shapers from a third-party manufacturer. The lights are also equipped with an umbrella hole.


An adjustable fan control system has been incorporated in the light and the user can choose between four fan modes: Smart, Full speed, Low speed and Off. In Smart mode, the average noise level only stands at 23/27dBA which is great for shooting scenarios such as interview and live broadcast.

The new LED lights can be controlled either via the intuitive, built-in controls on the lamp itself, DMX/RDM or wirelessly via Bluetooth, 2.4 GHz and the Nanlink app.


Pricing and shipping

The new LED lights will start to ship in October 2023

Recommended selling price is:

Nanlite FC-300B led bi-color spot light EUR 609;-

Nanlite FC-500B led bi-color spot light EUR 869;-


For further information, please contact odd.bergsto@focusnordic.no


Key specifications

  • Professional features at a budget friendly price
  • Wide color temperature range of 2700K-6500K
  • CRI/TLCI value of 96/98
  • Firmware update possible via USB port
  • Easy dimming in 0.1 decrements (FC-500B only)
  • 12 built-in special effects
  • Intuitive, built-in controls

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