2021-11-09 10:00Press release

Nanlite adds a new member to the Forza series

Designed to be the perfect go anywhere LED light the new Forza 150 from Nanlite is a powerful LED in a small package.


Forza 150 inherits specifications from previous Forza members regarding to professional color fidelity with a CRI of 96 and TLCI of 98 at 5600K. It also adopts the sought-after classic design of integrated lamp head and control unit, a sturdy L-bracket mount, fewer cables and intuitive interface.

Built-in Bluetooth and 2.4G dual modules give Forza 150 wireless connectivity directly with the Nanlink APP as well as indirectly via the Nanlink Box, if more complex control is needed the addition of DMX/RDM through 3.5mm is available too. This more diverse controlling capabilities can let users cope with more niche and subtle shooting requirements.


Weighing in at just 1.36kg, the Forza 150 is easy to transport and quick to rig or reposition on set. It has also made no concession to brightness with the capability of outputting 27,960lux @ 1m (with reflector). This combination of power, size and versatility makes the Forza 150 an easy lighting choice for both small projects and large productions.

Forza 150 also features the option for handheld V-mount battery grip allowing a stable mobile power supply besides its traditional AC power solution. The ergonomically designed grip offers an easy handling option to enhance efficiency on set or location catering to swift mobile shooting scenarios.

From freelance creation to large scale production, the Forza 150 is created for creation.


Pricing and delivery


The new LED will start ship in early 2022

Recommended selling price is EUR 589;-


For further information, please contact odd.bergsto@focusnordic.no


Key specifications:

  • CCT 5600K
  • CRI 96, TLCI 98
  • L-Bracket Mount
  • Fully dimmable 0-100%
  • DMX/RDM , Bluetooth and 2.4G wireless connectivity
  • Optional V-Mount battery grip
  • The expansive range of compatible accessories via FM mount and Bowens adapter
  • Firmware updates via USB
  • Portable, compact, lightweight design

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Kristin Ström
Chief Marketing Officer
Kristin Ström