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Lexar boost their professional CFexpress line-up

Lexar CFexpressLexar CFexpress

The CFexpress memory card is the professional photographer and videographer's number one choice when it comes to choosing memory cards. With a CFexpress, the photographer can make full use of all the features of professional cameras such as the Canon R3, Nikon Z8 and Sony FX6.

CFexpress are also being widely adopted by camera manufacturers for all models, which means they are likely to become the industry standard in the near future. With the new Lexar Professional CFexpress Type B memory cards, users can speed up their creative workflow with fast, high-capacity cards.

The updated Lexar Professional CFexpress memory cards offer faster and more stable technology that allows users to support higher frame rates, more megapixels, and 4K, 6K, and 8K video. With Lexar's Silver, Gold, and Diamond Series CFexpress cards, users can enjoy the latest, fastest, and most stable technology in their photo/video cameras at a very affordable price.

The updated cards are:


  • Lexar CFexpress Silver Series gets a new speed bump with an increase in speed with a capacity of a read speed up of 1750mb/s and a write speed of up to 1300mb/s (former speed read 1000 mb/s write 600 mb/s)


  • Lexar CFexpress Gold Series keeps its read speed of 1750mb/s and get a new write speed of 1500mb/s and gets an increase in size with two new high-capacity cards of 1TB and 2TB.


  • Lexar CFexpress Diamond Type B and Gold Type A get a VPG400 standard rating that ensures that the minimum write speed while recording video is at least 400MBps without dropping any frames.


With the new Lexar CFexpress memory cards, users can upgrade from older and slower technology (XQD) to the latest CFexpress technology at a much more affordable price. This new technology is especially important for entry-level and mid-range cameras that support CFexpress technology, allowing users to enjoy faster and more stable technology while capturing high-quality video and photos.


Pricing and shipping

The new cards are available for immediate shipping.

Lexar CFexpress are available from EUR 241;- (CFexpress Pro Silver Serie R1750/W1300 128GB)


For further information, please contact kirstine.lindholm@focusnordic.dk


Key specifications


  • High write and read speeds
  • Stable technology that supports higher frame rates
  • For professional use
  • Speed up workflow


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Kristin Ström
Chief Marketing Officer
Kristin Ström