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Focus Nordic meets the future with new automated warehouse extension

Focus Nordic warehouse extensionFocus Nordic warehouse extension

Focus Nordic’s new automated central warehouse extension in Gothenburg, Sweden is now open for full operational capacity. The innovative automated storage and retrieval system is running 9 robots in parallel to pick items from a grid of 19 000 bins. Flexibility to add more robots and increase the grid area allows to further expand the warehouse capacity in the future.

With an extension of 2 200 m3, Focus Nordic has a total warehouse capacity of 5 700 m3 and 12 000 SKUs. In addition, as part of Focus Nordic’s sustainability strategy, the company has installed solar panels that will generate 178 000 KWH of electricity per year. This will meet Focus Nordic’s energy needs for several months of the year and help to reduce the carbon footprint by offsetting 80 tons of CO2 per year.   

”The construction project was completed in record time and within budget, which is no small feat these days”, says Knut Aronsen, Co-Owner and Senior Director of Focus Nordic. In parallel with the construction project, Focus Nordic has installed charging stations for electric vehicles at the HQ office in Gothenburg to be used by all employees and visitors. ”We encourage the use of electric vehicles, so it was an easy decision.”

Jesper Behrman, Logistics Manager at Focus Nordic, is already noticing the optimized workflow and increased efficiency in the new warehouse extension. ”We have doubled our storage capacity, even though the storage area has only increased by 63%. This allows us to offer a wider range of products to our customers. We can now also handle shipments faster while minimizing internal transports and picking efficiency has increased by 400%, which will let us better serve our customer needs.”

Focus Nordic will have a product range of more than 10 000 products available for quick delivery to resellers in 28 markets in Scandinavia, Central and Eastern Europe and directly to end users through drop shipment solutions.

”We are dedicated to being the best and most relevant distributor for our customers within the photo, video  and optics industry and the best possible partner for our fantastic brands and suppliers”, says Mikael Westheimer, Co-Owner and CEO of Focus Nordic. ”Our goal is to make our wide product portfolio of top-quality brands available throughout Europe.”

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Focus Nordic is the leading distributors of photo, video & optics in Europe with more than 60 brands such as Tamron, Samyang, Panasonic, Zhiyun, Nanlite, Polaroid, Zeiss, Kodak, Focus Sport Optics and Focus I Love My Photos represented in 28 markets in Scandinavia, Central and Eastern Europe. We have been dedicated to photo, video, and optics since the 1950s. We lead the industry forward and are dedicated to share knowledge and inspiration.


Kristin Ström
Chief Marketing Officer
Kristin Ström