2023-02-24 09:00Press release

Focus Nordic is expanding its range of products for analogue photographers


Many people say that truest way to learn and appreciate the art of photography is analogue photography. Nothing can replace the touch, look and feel of a perfectly developed silver-halide film. Quality, commitment, and professionalism have brought JOBO to the top of the analogue photographic world.


“The revival of analogue film is here to stay” says Magdalena Ożarek, Product Manager and responsible for JOBO at Focus Nordic. Even those who started photographing with digital cameras are discovering the joy of analogue photography and that developing your own film is very easy with the right tools.


The fascination of creating unique prints on silver-halide paper is irreplaceable. The original character of a personally developed analogue print becomes a piece of art which pleasantly distinguishes itself from the mass of digital pictures. Whether you are an enthusiast or professional JOBO enables you to perfectly control the critical processing of your negatives so that you can create photographs according to your visualization.

JOBO is a great brand for developing analogue images, both for amateurs but also for the professional photographers. Dating back to the early 1900s, it has been many photographers' first choice when it comes to developing equipment.

In 1969 when mankind took perhaps its most significant step into space ever, on the moon. NASA selected the JOBO development system for developing the iconic images of an astronaut carefully stepping down the ladder of the lunar module with planet Earth in the background.


Within JOBO:s wide range of products at Focus Nordic you will find tank systems, lab kits, film clips, color processors, developing kits, bottle kits and many other products that will facilitate developing analogue film and paper.


JOBO products will start to ship in March 2023.


For further information, please contact magdalena.ozarek@focusnordic.pl

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