2023-03-03 08:00Press release

Cinematic features for Samyang V-AF lenses


Samyang continues to develop innovative products for content creators. Last fall, they introduced a brand-new line of lenses for video and film - the Samyang V-AF Series.


Now, a manual focus adapter has been added to the range to give filmmakers more control when they want to manually set focus.

Even with a moving subject, many videographers prefer manual focus for fast-moving sequences - they want to choose where the lens focuses, not leave it up to the camera to decide.

The adapter easily attaches to the front of any V-AF lens with a front bayonet mount, giving filmmakers and videographers total control over focus.

The focus adapter features a dual scale with both feet and meters, and fine focus adjustments can be made with a smooth 300° rotation. The focus ring has an industry standard 0.8 mod and can be combined with any follow focus.

When the adapter is attached, the MF ring on the lens side can be used as an aperture ring. A tally lamp on the front lets the subject or photographer know if the camera is in a recording or standby state and 95mm front diameter makes it easy to attach a matte box.


Cinema lenses are usually quite heavy and has a bulky design. With the new manual focus adapter, it is possible to have all the features of a conventional cinema lens, but in a compact format. When combined with a V-AF Series lens, the total weight is only 430 g, compared to a cinema lens that usually weighs twice as much.


The new manual lens adapter will start to ship in March 2023.

Recommended selling price is EUR 539,-  


For further information, please contact karsten.rath@focusnordic.com


Key specifications

  • Standard diameter of 95mm provides compatibility with matt boxes
  • Industry-standard 0.8 Mod on the focus ring
  • Built in Tally lamp
  • Dual scale with both feet and meters
  • Smooth 300° rotation angle
  • Mechanical MF

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