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Carrying solutions for the detailed-obsessed

Peak DesignPeak Design

Focus Nordic are thrilled to announce that we are expanding our creative portfolio with one of the world´s most well-renowned manufacturer of innovative accessories for content creators, commuters and adventurers, Peak Design. 

From 1 February, Focus Nordic will be the proud distributor of Peak Design in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.


No two trips are the same. For over a decade, Peak Design has been designing camera bags, straps, clips and other creative accessories for conscious and cutting-edge creators. Their product range is imbued with solutions where smart design meets function.

Regardless of whether you buy a larger travel camera backpack, a camera strap with the unique Anchor Link system or a lightweight carbon travel tripod, a Peak Design product is built to give you access, organise and protect your gear while at the same time boost your creativity. 


Their design philosophy is to design products to solve problems, create delight, look good, resist fads, appeal globally, age gracefully, consider every material and detail, and have a minimal disruptive impact on people and the planet. All Peak Design products come with a lifetime warranty.


Peak Design is an entirely carbon-neutral company that prioritizes people and planet over profit and donates 1% of their revenue to environmental non-profit organizations. As the co-founder of Climate Neutral, Peak Design has gone full throttle in the fight against climate change and they invite you to be part of this.


In Peak Design´s innovative product line-up at Focus Nordic you´ll find:

  • Everyday camera & Travel bags 
  • Bag accessories 
  • Straps & clips 
  • Tripods
  • Mobile ecosystem


Their products are sophisticated, durable, stylish and multifunctional at the same time, says Kirstine Lindholm, responsible PM for Peak Design at Focus Nordic.

Peak Design´s product range is all built around access, organization, expansion, and protection and appeals to both professionals and enthusiasts.


The products will be available in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden from 1 February.


For further information, please contact kirstine.lindholm@focusnordic.dk

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Kristin Ström
Chief Marketing Officer
Kristin Ström